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Infertility: Faith, Hope And Determination - Part 2

This is part 2 of the story of Ruth Martin and her struggle to fall pregnant as told by her older sister Leah. For more detailed information on her journey of dealing with infertility, her finding ways of taking control and the diet she adopted, please click on the following links:

For part 1 of this story please click the following link - Infertility: Faith, Hope, Determination - Part 1

When she went for the biopsy there were too many polyps to scrape away, so an operation was booked to have them removed. The operation was booked for October and I was due my baby in November, so the chance of her being pregnant at the same time as me was slim to none. I was so upset for her. And the chance of her falling pregnant naturally before the end of the year was also gone. She was told she would need to wait until at least January before trying to get pregnant.
It turned out that the doctor had forgotten to take the biopsy at her appointment, which turned out to be for the best. Unbeknown to her and the doctors she was actually pregnant at the time of her biopsy. If they’d taken the biopsy, this would have probably resulted in a miscarriage. And if they’d been able to scrape away the polyps this most likely would have also ended in miscarried. After years of trying this was the first positive pregnancy test they had received and if things had gone as planned at her appointment she may never have known she had been pregnant. This baby and pregnancy was nothing less than a miracle, their soon to be miracle baby.

Me 39 weeks, Ruth 19 weeks
It shouldn't have been possible, but Ruth had fallen pregnant naturally, before the end of the year and while I was still pregnant. Here we are when I was around 39 weeks pregnant and Ruth approx 19 weeks pregnant.

After trying for so long and having had so many doctors and hospital appointments she was put down as a high risk pregnancy. And despite all our worries Ruth had a relatively smooth pregnancy. There were times when she was sick and didn’t have as much energy as normal. But the energy she had while pregnant was more than most other people who aren’t pregnant, because of the fitness levels she kept up. It seemed the problems she’d had getting pregnant were behind her and she was healthier than ever and so was her baby.

Ruth and Paul decided now they had a baby on the way it was time to step onto the property ladder and buy their first house. With that came a new location as they weren't tidied to any one place because Paul works from home. They had a date in mind of when they wanted to move by to give them time to get set up and settled before welcoming a little person to come live with them. Well that date came and went, but eventually just one month before their baby was due they moved house.

Ready to move

Now it was a mad rush to set up the nursery, register with a doctor and set up midwife appointments. There was some difficulty with getting registered at the doctors before the baby was due even though Ruth being heavily pregnant. But the midwives at the hospital were amazing and made sure she had all the appointments she needed to get the best care for her and her baby. Because they were new to the area various tests were done, including blood tests. Because of these tests which wouldn't have been done had she not moved to a new location, Strep B was discovered. This isn't routinely tested for in the UK despite the major problems that can occur to the baby if left undetected. Luckily and by some miracle it was found and Ruth could now have the care she needed to bring her baby into the world.

After many years of waiting for the chance to become a mum she was booked in to be induced on Sunday 24th April, 10 days after her due date. And on Monday 25th April 2016 at 12:14pm, weighing 9lbs, 4oz they welcomed Felix into their arms.

Since Felix was born Ruth has shown nothing but courage as she’s faced motherhood. She was worried that being a mother wouldn’t come naturally. I’m the one who has had a ton of experience with babies and children over the years, having worked with children and cared for my younger siblings, unlike Ruth who had only once before changed a nappy and called our mum to ask for help because she thought she’d put it on back to front. But she has taught me so much about the care and love needed for your baby and the selflessness of a mother. I’m so very proud of her.

Felix and Tommy
I am very excited that our boys get to grow up together and hopefully become the best of friends, especially as now we only live a 30 minute drive from each other.

I know some peoples journey to becoming parents won’t end quite as happily as Ruth and Paul’s, but dreams do come true. The main thing is, they lived the life they had and didn’t become bitter towards those who had what they wanted. Instead they celebrated with friends and family and now we celebrate with them.

Written by Leah Munden
Photos by: KLM Photos 
and photos from Ruth's and Paul's personal collection

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