Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Afternoon Tea at Home

 Afternoon tea has become very popular of late, with dainty sandwiches, cakes and scones topped with lashings of cream. There are so many places you can go and have afternoon tea from a café to the Ritz in London. I took a friend of mine for afternoon tea and an evening at the spa for her birthday. It was great being in beautiful surroundings before relaxing in the sauna and hot tub.

You can also recreate afternoon tea in your own home. My sisters and I put on a little tea part for our Mum at the weekend. It was so fun to decorate and prepare all the food. The key is to make everything dainty and easy to eat with your fingers.

Here's what we included:

Sandwiches - we used white bread and cut the crusts off once we had prepared them.
  • Cucumber with cream cheese
  • Cheese
  • Cheese and cucumber
  • Ham
  • Ham and cucumber
 Pinwheel sandwiches
  • Cream cheese with herbs
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese/ham
  • Cuccumber
  • Breaded cheese dips with cranberry sauce
  • Chicken goujons
Scones with strawberry jam and cream
(I used double cream whipped and added in some icing sugar)

Mini Fruit tarts
  • Bramley apple
  • Cherry Bakewell
  • Blackberry sundae
  • Maple syrup cake
Other ideas for afternoon tea at home:

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