Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Design the Garden of Your Dreams: Four Landscaping Tips For Beginners

If your garden could do with a total overhaul, masterminding and carrying out the landscaping work on your own can be a massive undertaking. These expert landscaping tips for beginners will help you throw caution to the wind and craft your ideal outdoor haven.

Image Source: Pexels

Monday, 8 July 2019

What You Need For A Garden To Be A Playground

Does your garden ever get used? Maybe you’re not the type of person that really wants to lounge outside. You don’t have a patio or a veranda so you’d rather just relax and lay back in your home. But what about your kids, wouldn’t they rather be outside running around? That’s the dilemma that many parents have, they don’t have a garden that’s fun but they need their kids to not play and run around inside. So, you can satisfy both parties by making a garden playground for the kids. You get some space, peace and quiet indoors, while the kids get all the space they need to stretch their legs. But where to begin? Making a play area is one thing, but a playground is much more complicated. The beginnings are the same however, so here’s how to start.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

How To Keep Your Children Safe During A Home Renovation Project

In a recent article on our website, we gave you a guide to choosing your next home improvement project. There are all kinds of things you could commit to, whether you take on the work yourself or hire a contractor to handle the work for you, and the end result should be worth the stress and expense that comes with the renovation.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

A Garden Fit For A Social Gathering This Summer

Picture by Jill Wellington 

The summer is the season for all things garden centred, be it mowing, planting, pruning, sitting, sunbathing and all of this while simultaneously swatting away flies and running away from wasps in the process. It's the short time of year, where the garden is okay to relax and entertain guests in without too much concern over being rained on or hopping around the backyard catching plastic picnic plates that the gale-force wind has kindly swept up and away. If it's your time to host the summer BBQ or a  garden party for an upcoming birthday, you're probably looking at how to improve and update your garden to make it fit for your social gathering, and this article has you covered.

Friday, 21 June 2019

3 Common Family Pressures - And How To Deal With Them

Raising a child has never been a cheap endeavour. Children cost money from the moment a pregnancy is announced; especially if you are having your first baby. Everyone will tell you that babies don't require much: all you need is a co-sleeper and a sling, and away you go. Breastfeeding is free if you can do it, and an initial investment in cloth nappies can mean you are spending less on packs every week. Of course, this is all in an ideal world. Children are expensive. School uniforms, regularly replacing shoes, the extra money on the food shopping - it all adds up and it's all because of the little additions that we have in the house.
Family Of Four Walking At The Street
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