Thursday 14 September 2023

7 Underrated Ways to Make Your Home Nicer

It’s good to have high expectations for your property. After all, they sure cost us enough money; it’s fair that we should want our homes to be as enjoyable as possible. Indeed, you could argue that your house should be your most favourite place on earth. Of course, you can’t suddenly transform your home into a footballer’s mansion, but there are certainly many things you can do that will subtly improve your home. And when you put all those small actions together, you might just find that you’ve had a significant impact on the quality of your property. 

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Friday 21 July 2023

How to Create Privacy in Your Back Yard

The backyard of your home is supposed to be a haven away from hectic activities in the house and the rest of the world. Usually, the back yard is something that’s private, fenced away from the rest of the world and somewhere you can shut the door on. However, not everyone gets to have that level of privacy and that’s often a problem!

You want that haven, but that means putting the work in. Whether you choose to get a heavy duty fence panel or two to add some extra height to your fence, or you are lacking a backyard gate, you have to think about how to make this space more private than the rest of your home. With this in mind, here are the ways that you can create privacy in your yard. Let’s dive in!

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Wednesday 14 June 2023

Keeping the House Cool

As we move into the early summer days you can bet that your house will feel overheated. You’ll be desperately looking for ways to cool down and beat the heat, especially if you are living somewhere that doesn't have an air conditioning unit as an option. 

In the winter, you prepare the house with Euphoria electric fires and rugs, blankets and cushions. You prepare yourself with extra layers and you ensure that the heating is turned up so that you can feel as comfortable as possible. In the summer, you want the opposite. You want to be cool, calm, comfortable without being overheated, sweaty and messy. There are days where the summer can be pretty harsh, so you need to prepare as early as you can so that you can enjoy the summer rather than suffer through it.

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Friday 2 June 2023