Wednesday 14 June 2023

Keeping the House Cool

As we move into the early summer days you can bet that your house will feel overheated. You’ll be desperately looking for ways to cool down and beat the heat, especially if you are living somewhere that doesn't have an air conditioning unit as an option. 

In the winter, you prepare the house with Euphoria electric fires and rugs, blankets and cushions. You prepare yourself with extra layers and you ensure that the heating is turned up so that you can feel as comfortable as possible. In the summer, you want the opposite. You want to be cool, calm, comfortable without being overheated, sweaty and messy. There are days where the summer can be pretty harsh, so you need to prepare as early as you can so that you can enjoy the summer rather than suffer through it.

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  1. Keep the blinds shut. It may seem like a counterproductive thing to do given you want the sunshine streaming in, but if your blinds are shut you’ll be able to reflect the heat and keep the house cool. Open them in the morning and the evening but in the main sunshine hours of the day, you can bet you’ll need them shut.

  2. Block the heat as much as you can. Stopping the heat from penetrating the house is a must if you want comfort. Spend less on cooling by shading the windows and walls with external coverings, add deciduous trees around the house grounds that’ll cast shadows and block the light, and use these in the winter for warmth, too!

  3. Adjust your ceiling fans. In the winter, the ceiling fans turn in a way to push warm air down to the floor. In the summer, you can switch the switch on it to pull the air upwards and ensure that the warm air is gone and the air is cooled down. Changing the rotation will do this and you then are able to feel that relief with cooler air circulating.

  4. Seal the gaps. In the winter you do this to stop warm air leaking out. In the summer, you seal the gaps to prevent the warm air streaming in. When you do this, you keep the cool air in and the warm air out, and when you pair it with closed doors you’ll ensure that you are able to keep the house cool in the summer.

  5. Open the house in the evening. As soon as the sun goes down, that’s the best time to throw open those windows and doors and let the cooler night air through. You can then let any inside stuffy air out of the house and feel much cooler as a result. Cooking outside is a good idea, too, so that you don't warm up the house with the ovens being on.

Cooling the house should be a priority for the summer months and now you have all of the tools you need in your arsenal to make it happen as easily as possible.

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