Friday 21 July 2023

How to Create Privacy in Your Back Yard

The backyard of your home is supposed to be a haven away from hectic activities in the house and the rest of the world. Usually, the back yard is something that’s private, fenced away from the rest of the world and somewhere you can shut the door on. However, not everyone gets to have that level of privacy and that’s often a problem!

You want that haven, but that means putting the work in. Whether you choose to get a heavy duty fence panel or two to add some extra height to your fence, or you are lacking a backyard gate, you have to think about how to make this space more private than the rest of your home. With this in mind, here are the ways that you can create privacy in your yard. Let’s dive in!

Image source: Pexels

  1. Think about raising the plant beds. Are you trying to add more depth to your garden as well as privacy? If you have tall plants in your garden, raising the beds will help to block people’s vision when they look through. It can also work to make sure that medium-sized plants are at a better eye level. You can really grow tall perennials in raised beds, too, as you end up with a natural privacy screen.

  2. Thicken up your fencing. We talked about heavy duty fence panels for a good reason! They can add weight to the fencing you have and when you live somewhere that storms, it's the perfect way to stop the fences falling in. If you want to add even more privacy to your fencing, you can add lattice to the top to add height, too.

  3. Add more layers. Inside the house, you’ll add layers for warmth but outside the house, you can add layers of flowering plants and trees. You’ll succeed in blocking the neighbours from viewing your space and you can cover the front of the lattice in climbing plants to reduce anyone from peeping through the fencing, too. The idea is to seclude yourself so that you can create privacy.

  4. Install some hedges. Hedging in the garden acts very similarly to fencing. You’ll feel better about the space in general because you’ll be planting natural hedges. The added greenery in the garden adds life, and you have somewhere for wildlife to bed down for the night, too. You get an all round amazing space to enjoy because hedges can be evergreen. They’ll last all year around and you can bet it’ll climb high. Just make sure that you invest in the right company to cut the hedge down when needed.

  5. There are more materials than wood. Fencing doesn't have to be wooden when there are plenty of other materials out there. Gazebos and covers can, for example, create amazing coverage to your backyard. You can have several of them across the garden if you want to, to prevent any drones or people from above looking into the garden.

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