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How I've used Wedding Decorations in my Home

When I was planning the decorations for our wedding I wanted a home made feel and I wanted to be able to use the items in our home afterwards. So I was very thoughtful about when was used. With a wedding there is always going to be something bought and used that will never get used again. But I did my best to use items that I could and would use again. I just love all the little reminders around our home of our wedding day.

Wedding decoration - homemade love bottles. I made these out of sauce bottles and natural string. I then hot glued buttons on the front to write the word love. These were on the table that Keith and I sat on at our wedding.

How it's used in our home - We now have them displayed in our home. We have a set of picture shelves in our living room and the bottles are sat on there.

Here is a full view of the picture shelves in our living room. The bottles are in a different position in the below photo, one of the beauties of those shelves, we can move things around.

Wedding decoration - This wooden LOVE sign was used on the table where our wedding cake was. It actually got broke while transporting everything to our venue, but we used it anyway.

Here is a view of the wedding cake on it's cake stand (tree stump!) with the LOVE sign in front of it.

How it's used in our home - This also sits on the same picture shelves as are shown above. 

Wedding decoration - I decorated various jars with natural string, hessian and lace. These were used on the tables in the reception hall with flowers in.

How it's used in our home - I now use the jars in various ways around our home, here are a couple of ways I'm using them. In the bathroom for cotton pads and cue tips. And below I'm using them in the bedroom for my make-up brushes, hair brushes and hair clips. 

Wedding decoration - I used various large jars on a sweet table at our wedding. This was the wedding favour to our guests. I love this heart printable which says "All you need is love... and maybe a little candy.

How it's used in our home - I now use the jars in the kitchen for my baking supplies. I have 1 with cup cases in and the rest have sugars, flours etc... in.

Wedding decoration - We covered the reception hall with bunting to give it an out doors picnic feel.

How it's used in our home - As you can see from the photo above we have loads of bunting. We would need to have it draped all over the garden to use it all. Instead I have placed a small section up above our window in the kitchen.

Wedding decoration - We had this sign made which was in the reception hall. I don't think all the signs faced the right way in the end. There's one (that you can't see) that said picnic and it was pointing outside. But of course it rained as it does a LOT in the UK, especially when you have something planned outdoors.

How it's used in our home - The top of the sign which says "LEAH & KEITH 23rd AUGUST 2014" was just sitting in our small bedroom. But when it came time to decorate it and turn it into the nursery I had to find somewhere for it to go. I didn't want the sign to just be put in the garage to get damaged and eventually thrown out. So now it sits above our back door in the kitchen.

Wedding decoration - I had this canvas of our engagement photos made up especially for our wedding. we had it on an easel at one end of our reception room where we had the wishing well (see below) and photo guest book.

How it's used in our home - I of course always planned to have this displayed in our home. It now sits at the top of our stairs on the wall.

Wedding decoration - I had a lantern in the centre of the room which had fairy lights in. When we had our evening part of our reception we had all the fairy lights on, which was really pretty.

How it's used in our home - The lantern is actually for a candle, but I found that I wasn't using it, It would look great outside, but our garden needs a lot of work, so it would just there getting rusty. So I decided to remove the candle holder from the base and placed a clip on light. So we now use it as a lamp in our living room.

Wedding decoration - Here are a few other items that are being used in our home, or will be at some point.

I used this sign over the lemonade bar that we had. I don't have a photo of it being used at our wedding, but here it is in our kitchen.

We had a picnic themed wedding, so I wanted a tree stump as a cake stand. We were lucky enough to get this from a farmer local to where Keith was living at the time. It currently sits in our garage (hopefully not getting damaged), but I plan to use it in the garden at some time in the future.

This wishing well was made for us by my very clever brother in law. I wanted something for wedding cards to go in that would be fitting for a picnic wedding. I'd seen some wish wells and liked the idea. I had a white box, so asked my brother in law if he could turn it into a wishing well. He said he would do it from scratch as it would be easier. I was expecting something good, but made out of cardboard. Instead we got this and it's stained so it can go out in the garden. This also sits in our garage, just waiting for the garden to be finished so it can find it's place. But I just LOVE it!

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  1. I love all of the meaningful touches that you can still enjoy. Your kitchen looks so cosy and homely!


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