Wednesday, 11 January 2017

My Baby Nearly Drowned in the Bath

This evening was a normal sort of evening. I hadn't long been home from work and it was just me and the little man like most nights. It's not always easy doing things alone night after night, but I just get on with it and it's nice having some mummy and baby time. I decided tonight would be bath night. I'm not a huge fan of bath night as I have a baby who likes to climb and hates being changed and dressed, but needs must and he enjoys it while he's in there.

I'd planned to get everything prepared prior to Tommy coming home from his Nanna's. Towel, nappy, PJs, but just as I started to do that he was home. So I would just need to get everything ready with him getting into literally everything! If you don't believe me, ask his Nanna how their fish are doing now that Tommy know's how to lift the lid of the fish tank and throw things in there.

While filling the tub there is a temptation to just quickly pop out of the bathroom to grab something you forgot. I never have done, but there certainly is a temptation. It would only take a second and what harm would there be. He's not in the bath yet. All he's going to do is watch the water running.

Well as I stood there swirling the water to mixed the warm and cold water, Tommy was reaching down to touch the bubbles that were forming. He was having great fun grabbing at the bubbles, I even had him giggling as I rubbed the bubbles up his arm. He reached a little bit further to touch bubbles that were just our of his reach and just as he did he lost his balance and was going head first into the bath. My heart jumped just a little as I grabbed out for him to stop his head from going under the water. Thank goodness I hadn't just popped out to grab something. It happened so quickly!

But there was no harm done, Tommy just had wet hair and that was going to be washed anyway. So in the bath he got. As I put him in the water I realised I had forgotten to put down his non slip mat. It wasn't a big issue, but he does like to climb, so having it down just makes it a bit safer. But of course I wouldn't be leaving him alone, so I'd be there to make sure he stayed seated.

I must have been having one of those evenings. I normally have everything organised and in the right place, especially when giving a bath as I know how important it is to stay with them. Well I realised I hadn't brought his towel into the bathroom. I'd got it out of his bedroom, but I must have gotten distracted and it didn't reach the bathroom. Again it would be so easy to just pop out to get it. I wouldn't be out of the room for long, just a couple of seconds to grab the towel. I decided it wasn't worth the risk, I'd just use one of ours which were in the room.

Just a few moments later he slips backwards and his head ends up under the water. I quickly grab him up and reassure him that he's OK. Again it was so quick to happen and with me right there beside him. We soon finished up and he got out of the bath and ready for bed. I'd had enough near misses for one night.

So no he didn't nearly drown....THANK GOODNESS! But it could have gone oh so wrong had I not been there. It would have been so innocent to just pop out of the room for a few seconds. But it could have been an innocent mistake I could have regretted for a life time. It may sound dramatic, but not so dramatic for the person who's mistake goes wrong.

There's something I learnt of recently called Secondary drowning. It's something I'd never heard of before, but something important to be aware of. It's where your child's airways open up, letting water into their lungs where it builds up, causing a condition called pulmonary edema. The end result is the same: trouble breathing. Symptoms of dry drowning usually happen right after any incident in the water.

Water can be fun, but it can also be VERY dangerous. I'm so pleased I was there to stop anything bad from happening.


  1. Scary, and it brings home the weight of responsibility we have as parents.

    1. Yes HUGE responsibility. It's a bit scary sometimes and something that's pretty much impossible to switch off from even when you're not with them.


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