Monday, 7 August 2017

Is Your Home Ready For A Vintage Makeover?

There's something infinitely charming about a classic car and a 1950s dress. It’s as if the vintage trend brought something new to our lifestyles as if it could make it better with its discreet charm. When it comes to interior décors, vintage is an even bigger hit than it is in the wardrobe section. Homeowners are quick to agree that a vintage décor feels homely compared to a sleek and minimalist interior. It’s difficult to explain where this feeling comes from. But the fact remains that people’s brain is wired in such a way that it will find an old-fashioned, vintage home more appealing than a modern-looking property. Maybe the influence of history has a soothing effect on us. If you’d like to incorporate a vintage touch to your home interior, why not use some of the tips in this article?

The homemade shabby chic look
If you’ve been reading home craft magazines recently, you’ve probably come across the shabby chic revolution. Surprisingly easy to create, the distressed look can give your furniture additional depth and hide the little signs of wear and tear. That’s probably why it’s a favourite among parents, who are desperate to keep a tidy home despite the usual chaos generated by children. But even without children – or with quiet children – using chalk paint on your furniture or a more specialist paint for your walls is a brilliant way of making the new look old and precious.

The little vintage accents
You don’t need to consider redecorating your home to bring a vintage feel to it. Sometimes, all you need is to accentuate the little details, such as adding elegant door furniture that seem to come from a different time, to create a vintage look. Vintage accents rely on picking some elements of your décor and giving them a vintage makeover. The latest trend at the moment is to look for a vintage-styled phone. You can find modern phones with a wheel dial that are fitted with the latest UK plug socket. Of course, with vintage tools, you might lose some of the modern functions, such as a display screen for your phone or even an answering machine. It’s a matter of how much you value these features compared to your style.

Mixing decorative styles and patterns

Vintage décors are the results of mixing different styles and patterns as if the atmosphere in the room were built over a long period. For a pop and vibrant look, you can mix bright colours and distinctive shapes to recreate a 1960s feel. If you prefer a more classical approach, you can maintain a colour palette through a variety of patterns, which allows you to create a harmonious ensemble. Pastel colours work well with vintage, but so do dark green and burgundy schemes too. If you’re choosing dark colours, make sure to use them in a room that receives plenty of natural sunlight. Otherwise, your décor will feel cramped and imposing.

A vintage makeover is the ideal occasion to show off your favourite childhood toys and the best bargains you’ve found at the local flea market. But more important, your vintage home shows your individual colours and your values, from the distressed furniture to the kooky 1960s phone.


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