Friday, 4 August 2017

Losing Your Creative Juices? Try These Solutions

A lot of parents with young children find it a draining period of their lives. And even the sparkliest, most creative genius can often turn into a dribbling wreck thanks to countless sleepless nights and over reliance on the bad TV shows, trashy magazines, and easy reads they seek out for solace.

Eventually, however, the fog lifts. But what happens if that creative spark doesn’t appear to be there anymore?

If this sounds familiar, don’t panic, it happens to a lot of parents. Your creative juices still flow within you - they are just harder to get out and trapped deep inside. Here’s a  few ideas on how you can tap back into the well of creativity and start making things once again.

Put aside the time

First and foremost, being creative is a healthy activity. Whether you are a writer, a musician, or love creative crafts, it’s important - for your mind, body, and soul - to find the opportunity to express yourself. So, think about a particular time of day - or even week - to set aside some you time. Pass the little one/s on to your other half or a close relative, and make sure you put your free time to good use. No one is going to set aside the time for you, so you will need to step up and demand it. Even if it’s only an hour a week, it can still help you, so go for it.

Invest in tools and materials

Once you have got yourself a time slot, don’t let the opportunity slip. Source all the tools and materials you need to work quickly and be productive, cutting as many corners as you possibly can. Let’s say you are into crafts and DIY - something like a glue gun from Glue Guns Direct will help you stick things super quickly and accurately, while a good craft knife will help you spend less time cutting and more time creating. Make sure everything is close at hand, too - the more of your time you can spend actually making things, the quicker you will be inspired to get back your creative spark.

Save your inspiration

While we are on the subject of inspiration, don’t use your time slot to look for it. The idea here is to collect your ideas quickly and easily so that your creative time is spent making things, rather than searching through magazines and websites. So, start a scrapbook or folder, and anything you see in a magazine or newspaper can be easily stashed away in a few seconds. There are plenty of apps available, too, which can help you save web pages or articles online - try something like Evernote to get you started.

Practice with your kids

A final point - you will find that just spending more time with your little ones will help you be more creative. Let them take the lead, use sensory play and make-believe with them, and tell them stories that you make up on the spot. Paint with them, draw with them, and help them be creative in all areas - whether it’s asking questions or even cooking meals in the kitchen. Hopefully, it should help get those creative juices flowing once more, and inspire you to come up with some incredible work - good luck!

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