Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Rustic Italian Home Decorating Tips

Have you ever gone on holiday and fell in love with the interior designs? Perhaps you’ve been on holiday and had such a good time that you wanted to bring a little part of it back with you. Whatever your reasons, rustic Italian design isn’t as out of reach as you may think. It’s a type of interior design that can make you feel at home straight away, so it’s no wonder it’s so sought after. If you’ve been inspired by Italian décor, here are some things you can do to give your home an Italian make over.

Select Your Colours
When you want to create an Italian haven, selecting the right colours for your walls is important. Italian design is all about earthy neutral colours. Go for browns, creams and terracotta to be on the safe side, but when you want to throw a bit of life into the room, you can add yellow, gold, olive, sage and muted greens. It’s all about coordinating the colours well. Experiment with what colours complement each other and start your creative journey from there.


Choosing Furnishings
Choosing your furnishings to suit your rustic Italian theme doesn’t have to happen overnight. In fact, the longer you take to find the perfect items, the happier you’ll be. Rustic Italian design is full of wood and metal combinations. Go for dark wood with metal finishes. You should find that the metal ranges from antique almond to antique copper and autumn gold. They often give a beautiful contrast to the colours in the wood. When it comes to your sofa, you can’t go wrong with an Italian leather sofa. It’s one of the best and most versatile quality materials in the world. Avoid pieces that have a modern aesthetic look, as it can spoil the rustic design you’re trying to create.

Art and Wall Décor
To complement the colours and designs you’ve already placed in your home, metal wall art is the perfect choice. Think about metal sconces or hook racks that will remain seen. If you’ve been to Italy before, you’ll know how much the Italians enjoy their wine, so why not consider a metal wine rack as part of your interior design? When you’re considering artwork, you can’t go wrong with an Italian tapestry. You could also bring the whole look together by adding some artwork of picturesque Italian views so anyone who visits will understand the concept you’re striving for.


The Italians enjoy spending time with family and friends. In fact, you’ll often find large Italian families gathered around the kitchen table enjoying a meal together. If you have the space, consider a 6-8-seater table in your kitchen. Go for wood that has been restored to add to your rustic collection. Place a few tall candles in empty wine bottles and add real sunflowers to vases in your kitchen. You could also go for wall art that depicts fruit and vegetables, just as the Italians do.

Changing your home décor to an Italian style can allow you to bring a bit of personal sunshine home.

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