Sunday, 17 September 2017

5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Kitchen

No matter how stylishly you decorate your home when you first move in, there’s always a chance that over time it can end up looking tired and outdated. Your kitchen is no exception to this rule. You can love the colour of the walls, the counter-tops, and the table at first, but can end up feeling bored by them. There are plenty of simple ways to remedy this and refresh your kitchen, but here are just a few of the most popular ones.

Change Your Splashback
Adding some tiles behind your sink is a perfect way to protect your walls. They’re relatively cheap, depending on the kind you buy, and are great for adding patterns and a splash of colour to your wall. There are plenty of different sizes and types of tile, so make sure to have a proper look around for your favourite. Just make sure that you clean the grouting regularly, otherwise, you may get mould and mildew.

Get A New Sink
Your sink is a very important part of your kitchen, so if it's looking a little worse for wear, chances are this will be reflected in the rest of the room. Depending on the style of your kitchen and how much you use your kitchen sink, there are several different styles of kitchen sink that you have to choose from, all which would add something different to the room. Click here for some options to get you started.

Light Fixtures
Lighting can affect many different aspects of a room, such as how large it feels, how bright it feels, and the shade of the color of the walls. Adding, removing, or moving around light fixtures can give your kitchen a whole new look and feel, without actually changing any huge aspects of the kitchen itself. Try adding large statement lights above counters or islands for both practical and cosmetic benefits.

Change The Worktops
The worktops are a huge part of your kitchen, and so changing them can have a huge impact. There are plenty of cheap options, like laminate, but if you have a bit more cash to spare then marble worktops look great, no matter the style of your kitchen. A built in draining board and hob boards are some aesthetically pleasing extras that you could have added to your worktops if you have the cash to spare.

Repaint The Walls
Regardless of whatever else you change, changing the colour of the walls will always make a big difference to the look of a room. Choose a colour scheme for your kitchen walls, and have everything else matching this colour scheme. Even if you decide that you like the colour you already have, a fresh lick of paint will freshen the room up, and erase any marks left on the walls since the last repaint.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have your kitchen looking and feeling brand new in no time. You don’t need to spend buckets of money for a refreshed kitchen; There are plenty of inexpensive options for you to experiment with, so have fun redecorating.

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