Saturday, 21 October 2017

Winter is Coming: How To Keep The Family Nice and Warm

The chill is well and truly beginning to set in here in the UK, and you know what that means: it’s time to start thinking about how we’re able to keep our family nice and toasty during the next few months. Remember, you can’t have those cosy nights in if you’re all uncomfortably cold! Below, we take a look at five ways you can ensure that you can enjoy all the simple pleasures of the season.

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Load up on the Cosiness

We’ve not long left summer behind (though it feels like a lifetime ago): have you switched out your light summer fabrics for your heavy-duty, warm ones? It’s a good idea to invest in a thick duvet for each bed in your home so your whole family can stay warm during the cold nights. You should also get out the blankets from storage and have them in your living room. You might not always need them, but they’ll be great to grab when you want to top up on your warmth. Also, if you ever need an excuse to buy a new dressing gown (who doesn’t?), then the forthcoming cold weather is it.

Hearty Meals

It all starts from the inside. If we’ve got the internal fire churching inside of us, then it’ll be all the easier to keep winter’s bite at arm’s length. Add some winter favourites to your menu. We’re thinking chills, soups, and curries; all those delicious foods that keep your stomach warm for hours. Making them will also have an added benefit: it’ll warm your house at the same time. Make big batches and keep them on the stove so the family can grab them when they’re feeling a bit chilly.

Keep the Chill at Bay

You’ll have heating in your home, but are you using it effectively? If your home is colder than you’d like even though the heating has been on for hours, then most of the heat has probably been lost through the walls and windows. You can keep the heat where it needs to be by having double glazing windows and loft insulation installed in your home. You’ll feel the difference straight away, and you’ll also be able to cut down on your energy bills because your house will stay warmer for longer.

Smart Hacks

And that’s not all you can do. There are also a few smart hacks that’ll boost the temperature of your home. One is to put tin foil on the back of your radiators so that the heat produced is reflected back into the room rather than absorbed in the walls. You should also switch out any thin curtains for thicker ones, and let as much sunlight in as possible during the day.

Close Your Doors

Finally, remember to keep your doors shut! It takes a long time to heat an entire house, and not so much time to heat a room. And be careful with the front door: you don’t want to let the cold air in!

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