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Three Things You Have to Inform Your Children Before Going to College

Going to college is a big step for your children. However, you should explain to them these things before and after they finish college.

Your children going to college is a big step for your family. For some, it's the first time they'll be away from home. It can be a source of anxiety for some children, especially those leaving their hometown.

Your children's knowledge before college is essential for their success. However, you should also give them tips regarding what they should do after college. Here is some fundamental knowledge you should give your children to help them before and after college.

Start Early With Applications

The college application process can be time-consuming, so starting early is best. This way, your children won't feel rushed, and they'll have enough time to fill out everything correctly. They should also take their time in choosing which colleges they want to apply to.

The process of applying for college includes:

  • Taking the SAT or ACT
  • Filling out the FAFSA
  • Applying to colleges
  • Writing essays
  • Waiting for responses from colleges

If your children start early, they'll have a better chance of getting into their dream school. They should also aim to apply to a few safety schools if they don't get into their top choice.

College is Expensive, But There Are Options

It's also important to let your child know the cost of college. The average cost of college is around $38,000 per year in private colleges. This doesn't include the cost of books, housing, and other fees.

However, there are also a few options to make it much cheaper. Starting with scholarships.


This might be the most obvious way to make college cheaper, but it's also the most difficult. Scholarships are given out based on things like academics, athletics, and extracurriculars.

There are also need-based scholarships for students who come from low-income families. To apply for need-based scholarships, your child must fill out the FAFSA. It's worthwhile doing this as it can give you the necessary expenses for your child's college.


Grants are another way to make college more affordable. Grants are similar to scholarships because they don't have to be repaid. However, they're usually given out based on financial need.

The best way to get grants is to fill out the FAFSA as early as possible. It will give your child a better chance of getting money from the government to help pay for college.

Student Loans

Student loans should be a last resort when paying for college. It's because they have to be repaid with interest. However, if your child needs to take out loans, they should know a few things.

There are two types of student loans: federal and private. The government gives out federal loans and usually has lower interest rates. Banks and other lenders give out personal loans and typically have higher interest rates.

Your child should always try to get federal loans first. If they can't cover the cost of college with federal loans, they can look into private loans.

There are also a few options for repayment plans. The standard repayment plan has a 10-year term. However, there are also income-driven repayment plans that base the monthly payment on your child's income.

There are also loan forgiveness programs for specific jobs, like teaching or working in the public sector.

Start Considering Post Graduate Studies

Your child must start considering post-graduate studies the moment they step into college. About 94 million Americans aged 25 and above has a bachelor's degree. If you compare that to the 4.5 million Americans with a doctorate, you can see how most Americans stop at a bachelor's.

While a bachelor's degree is enough for some jobs, some require a higher degree. Therefore, your child should consider what they want to do with their life and if they need a higher degree to get there.

For example, the field of information technology is booming in the United States. However, it's hard to land a high-paying job if you don't get a post-graduate degree. Therefore, earning a doctorate is fundamental to success in this field. Thankfully, people can now take up an online PhD information technology course. It increases their chances of upstarting their career and becoming competitive the moment they step out of college.

Getting a post-graduate degree is crucial if you want your child to succeed in their field. So make sure they consider post-graduate studies the moment they start college.

Going to college is a massive step for your children, and you must give them the necessary knowledge to succeed. The sooner they know about these things, the better their chances of getting into the school of their choice and graduating without debt.

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