Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chocolate birthday cake

A friend was having a party to celebrate her upcoming birthday and a birthday party isn't complete without a birthday cake.

So being the good friend that I am and looking for a new baking challenge I offered to make a cake.

I have made cakes before, but never specifically for a birthday party, so I needed to do a bit of home work. One thing I know she likes is chocolate and lots of it. She has been known to wake up and the first thing she did was look for some chocolate to eat. I also know that she really likes strawberries dipped in chocolate.

That was my starting point, I wanted to bake a chocolate cake and include the strawberries some how. I did a bit of research online and used Pintrest to create a board for all my ideas. Click the link to see my Celebration Cakes board.

See the photos below for my ideas.

I decided on a 2 tier chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting all over. Around the bottom tier of the cake I used milk and white chocolate fingers. You could use chocolate Cigarillos if you like. I tied a ribbon around to finish it off and secure the chocolate fingers in place.

The top tier I added chocolate starts around the side of the cake and topped with the strawberries dipped in chocolate. I decided to decorate the strawberries all differently for variety. There was double milk chocolate dipped, milk chocolate dipped with white chocolate swirls, milk chocolate dipped with chocolate sprinkles. I also used a heart shaped chocolate to write my friends name on with an icing pen.

See below for the finished result.

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