Sunday, 26 June 2016

Baby Naming blessing Part 3 - My Babies Outfit

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For those who follow my Facebook page you'll know that a few weeks ago I was taking my wedding dress for the chop to make something special for my little boy to wear at his naming blessing. Well it's a week since his blessing so I thought it was about time I showed you what he wore.

I wanted something fit for a boy and something that would suit a 6 month old baby. Even though he's still a baby, he's starting to look more like a toddler.

I decided on a waist coat. I looked around the internet for ideas on lace waistcoats, but didn't find very much in the way of ideas, so wasn't exactly sure how it would look. Well I was so pleased with it, it was just perfect. The lining of my dress was used to line the front and formed the back panel of the waistcoat.

It was lovely that all three of us were wearing some of what was worn on mine and Keith's wedding day. Keith worn his wedding suit, I wore the dress I wore for our first dance and evening reception and Tommy wore the material from my main wedding dress.

Here's a photo of me on our wedding day in the dress that was used to make Tommy's waistcoat.

I plan to be able to wear the dress again for special occasions. I will show you once I've had the dress altered and taken up.

Here's my boy on his special day, looking all handsome. The shorts and shirt were a set from Matalan and the bow tie came on a shirt from BHS.

And here's a photo of the 3 of us together.

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