Thursday, 16 June 2016

Under Sink Organisation

I don't have any before photos to show you unfortunately as I got this organised soon after we moved into the house. I really hate mess and clutter, but having a house we need a certain amount of things and I waiting a long time to have my own space, so now I want to enjoy it.

To keep things neat, tidy and organised the system needs to work for everyone, so it needs to be simple and easy to find and put back. Under the sink in the kitchen can often be a place for mess as things get thrown in with little to no shelving. So in order to stop that happening I needed to add shelving/draws or somewhere for each item to sit.

We have a double doored cupboard under the sink and as our bin currently sits in there we use the whole space for cleaning products etc...

See the images below and their captions.

Here's a view of the whole cupboard

I recently featured these utensil rails in another post. These are purchased from Ikea and are perfect for hanging the cleaning spray bottles on the inside of the door. We attached one to the inside of each door to hang items on.

I have another utensil rail on the inside of the other door. This houses the washing up gloves, a dish cloth for wiping the work tops, a bottle brush and the disinfectant spray.

I purchased a set of 4 draw plastic draws that sits to the right side of the cupboard. This has created some much needed draw space in the kitchen as we only have 2 proper draws.

The top draw holds shoe polish, my laundry wash bag for delicates and a chamois for the car.

The second draw down holds the tea towels

The 3rd draw down stores the spare scourer sponges, dish cloths and duster.

The bottom draw is a bit of a mix match and has some garden items, hand soap and string. Although it is a mix match it still works and I know where to find those items.

As you can see here we have the draws to the right, a bin to the left, in the middle I store the laundry detergent, vanish, polish, oven cleaner and spare fairy washing up liquid (I have a dispenser that sits on the work top).

You're probably thinking that's a rather small bin and you'd be right it is. I first had this bin when living in my flat. There was just me and I had an even smaller kitchen then. I didn't mind having a small bin as it encouraged me to empty it regularly. But now we have a little one it is a little too small. So I plan on getting a larger bin, but the space where it will go has some other storage there. Once I find a new home for those items we can get a new bin. I may then use this small bin for food waste that can go on a compost.


  1. So neat and clean, love that you added the drawers. Our under sink area keeps falling into disarray which tells me that the system I used to organise it isn't working. It's v tricky though as we have the bin and compost bin under there, plus lots of pipes and waste disposal unit. But I'm inspired by your post to tackle it!

    1. I'm always changing this to make our home more organised. Like you said if it keeps getting messy something isn't working.


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