Wednesday 28 December 2016

Gift Idea - Date Night

As promised on a recent YouTube video here is the gift I was most excited about giving this Christmas season. Click here to see my Christmas Gift Tag video.

For the siblings in my family we do a secret Santa to allow us to have a larger budget without breaking the bank. There are 7 siblings, plus partners, so as you can imagine it would get quite costly if we bought gifts for each person.

This year we had my sister Ruth and her husband. To give a bit of background on them, they became parents for the first time earlier this year. So life has changed (for the better), but it does mean certain things which were easy to do before aren't so simple. They also moved into their first house together right before baby was born. So considering ideas on what to get them, I knew they wanted to make their house a home, but that's a very personal thing and unless I knew exactly what they wanted I didn't want to risk buying them something they would never use.

We decided that a date night/day out together would probably be wanted and needed before long, so thought some sort of voucher would be good. We decided on theatre vouchers. We purchased the vouchers from Theatre Tokens. The great thing about these vouchers is that they don't expire and can be used in over 200 theatres including theatres local to my sister.

To make this gift a bit more substantial we decided on a date night out and a date night in. The vouchers were for the date night out and everything else in the basket were for the date night in.

Here's what we included and how it was presented.

I purchased a storage basket that I thought they could use in their home to display the items. I also purchased a hamper pack from home bargains which included the cellophane, hamper padding shredded paper and gift tag.

Here are all the items that were included. I decided to wrap each of the items (apart from the 2 glass mugs) to give more suspense when opening the gift.

I put together these 2 hot chocolate sachets with drinking chocolate, chocolate chips, marshmallows and a candy cane.

I included this cute "Snowman Soup" tag which is little poem that I found on the internet.

These 2 class mugs were purchased from Asda.

A spiced mandarin candle in an owl shaped candle holder.

Some treats I knew they'd both like. Harribo's, coconut and caramel popcorn and mulled spice & cranberry shortbread.

I had planned to not get a DVD as our budget didn't allow. I was just going to get the "accessories" to the date night in. But I found this DVD that was fairly cheap and my sister is a Mr Bean fan, so I thought it would be fun to include it.

That was everything for the date night in. I added a tag to the basket that said "Date Night In!". To display the theatre tickets I placed them in a cute Christmas tin.

I finished it off with a ribbon around the tin and a tag that said "Date Night Out!"


  1. I love this idea so much!!

    1. It was well received too. Hopefully they can have a well deserved night out soon.


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