Monday, 11 July 2016

DIY Laundry Bag

I needed a solution for were to put our laundry as we don't have a lot of room for washing baskets in the bathroom and I don't like them in bedrooms. I searched the internet for ideas for laundry bags/baskets in small spaces. I found loads of ideas I liked, but most of them wouldn't work for the space we had available. I eventually found an idea for using a pillow slip and embroidery hoop at the following website - Clothes hamper idea

So I made 2 wash bags from pillow slips, embroidery hoops, velcro and ribbon. 

The embroidery hoop needs to be the right size to fit the opening of the pillow slip. I used a 12 inch hoop. I added velcro to help secure the pillow slip in place around the hoop, especially when the wash bag is full. I can tell when it's time to do washing as the hoop looks like it's about to pop off. If I hadn't used velcro the pillow slip would fall to the floor with the washing in it. I didn't want to sew it in place as this way I can remove and wash the bag if I wish. I found its best to use the iron on velcro (or sew on) and not the velcro that can just be stuck on without being ironed. 

They now hang on the back of the bathroom door, so don't take up any space in the bathroom. Even when full they don't take up space. I also chose pillow slips that would match everything else in the bathroom.

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