Sunday, 31 July 2016

Hubby's Weight Loss

I've shared quite a bit about my weight loss since having my baby and mentioned that my husband (Keith) has been following the Slimming World plan with me. I know people can tell how much weight I've lost since I've lost around 1.5 (9.5 kilos) stone now, but it's not extremely obvious as I have just gone back to what I was. Well since we started recording our weight, Keith has lost 2.3 stone in weight (14.3 kilos). It's the first time he's been this weight in YEARS!!! I don't think he remembers when he was last this weight.

Anyway today as he was getting dressed for church it was obvious just how much he had lost. His suit trousers drowned him. It looked like he was a kid trying on his dads suit which was far too big for him.

This suit was bought for a friends wedding in 2013 and since that time it had gotten very tight, a bit too tight for comfort. But looking at him in the suit today, I think it might be time for a new suit 😊

I'm very proud of what he's achieved and is still achieving. He's still got another half a stone (3.17 kilos) to go till his target weight, but he has achieved something he never thought was possible.


  1. Oh my darling you look fabulous, I hope you feel great too. I'm always proud of you, this achievement is just another reason to go Woohooo! I don't think you were this slim when you were dancing every day. I can't wait to get a hug and feel those ribs.

  2. Well done!! Looking good! Bet you're feeling good too.


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