Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What Jamberry Has Done For Me

For those who don't know I've been a Jamberry consultant for the past almost 4 months. It's been a roller coaster of emotions with highs and lows. I can't compare it to other companies as I have never done anything like this before, but what I do know is that the company themselves is amazing, they do all in their power to help you achieve your dreams which includes a vast amount of training. As I've gone through the training it talks about offering the opportunity to others by telling them what you have personally achieved. I've had a hard time with this as I'm still just starting out and haven't achieved the things they talk about. I haven't been able to give up my job yet or pay for that holiday.

A few days ago I was thinking about what I had personally got out of Jamberry so far. And when I thought about it, it was actually a lot. Yes the end dream is to make enough money to better my families financial situation or change my working hours out of the home, but it doesn't mean I haven't achieved something along the way. We need to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Chances are we will never get to where we think we're going, but we could possibly end up somewhere better. Here's what Jamberry has brought into my life;

Renewed Friendships
Since joining Jamberry I've been able to renew some friendships from years gone past. Both my sponsor and one of the ladies I have sponsored have been friends in the past. It's not that we were no longer friends, but our lives had moved on and apart from the occasional comment on a post on Facebook, we had very little contact with each other. Now that we have Jamberry in common and want to help each other build our businesses and achieve our goals, those friendships have possibly become stronger than they ever were. And it doesn't matter that they live at the other end of the country or even the world, I know I could contact on either one of them and they'd be a listening ear.

New Friendships

It's not always easy to make new friends, particularly when you get nervous in social situations like I do. And since I've been on maternity leave I've not had as much contact with people as I would have done otherwise. But it's amazing how many people I've met and feel like I could call a friend now and yet I've never actually met them in the flesh. These are made up of people in my upline, other consultants in my team and customers who have bought product from me. I've met so many lovely ladies from all walks of life that I wouldn't have met in any other circumstances and I just love it.


I'm constantly being stretched to step out of my comfort zone to speak to people about Jamberry and to share the product info at in home parties. I've even pushed myself to do Live video stream on Facebook. I know I need to push myself more out of my comfort zone, but I know I've gained more confidence in speaking to people. It's not always about speaking to people about Jamberry, but just speaking to people in general. I can sometimes shy away from talking to people who I don't know too well. But I can tell that since I've started Jamberry I've had more confidence to talk to those people, to say help, ask how their day is going and tell them they look good today. I'm so grateful for that increased confidence because I want to be that kind of person more.

More pride in my appearance

Since having my nails done on a regular basis I've found myself say, oh my nails are done I should really sort my hair out and put a bit of make up on. Now I'm not talking about getting dolled up in your best frock to go to the supermarket. What I'm talking about is taking a bit of pride in the way I look, wanting to look put together rather than throwing the hair up and not bothering with much else. It feels a bit like, if my nails are done I should do the rest of me to match, if that makes any sense.

Ability to give back

I would love to be able to support a charity or two, but I'm not able to commit to an amount of money each month. If I have a friend or family member raising money for a charity I'll often sponsor them, but it's never a lot, as money is often really tight. At the moment there is nothing spare. And if we did have anything spare it would need to go back into the savings we spent to cover my time off on maternity leave. But I'm now able to give back through Jamberry. If you have a cause that you want to raise money for (it doesn't need to be a registered charity) I'm able to donate a percentage of my commission to the cause. I just keep a small amount back to cover costs of sending out samples and prizes. So far I have 1 fundraiser booked in, with another in the pipeline. I love that I can give something back to the community now.

I know I have a long way to go and with some hard work and determination I'll aim at getting there. But it's a real blessing to look at what I have gained and achieved along the way. I'm so grateful for the friendships I've built, the courage and confidence I've gained and the ability to give back. If you're interested in learning more about the product or business or have something you are trying to raise money for please get in touch, I'd love to talk and possibly gain a new friend.


  1. This warmed my heart to read! I know how hard you've worked and am so glad that you have had a good return and that it's been worthwhile. I love that we've become closer friends, I was saying to Grant this week that I wished you lived nearer so we could hang out!

    1. A lot of the people I want to spend the most time with don't live close, but they do live closer than you :) Same you are so far.


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