Saturday 25 February 2017

Review: Electric Jukebox

Electric Jukebox is a product suitable for the whole family - from your kids, to your grandparents - there's music on it for everyone. 

What is Electric Jukebox?
  • Electric Jukebox is the easy-to-use device that turns your TV into a jukebox - the ultimate music machine
  • With Electric Jukebox, you get an HDMI TV stick, and a 'point and click' controller with voice search
  • There is an easy 2-minute set-up - no complicated tech. Just plug in, connect to wifi, and play.
  • You can search for music from our 30 million track catalogue (not just 'new and trending' music, but old classics) by pressing a button and simple saying the artist or track you want to listen to. There are no ads. Listening is unlimited.
  • Or, if you're not sure what you want to listen to, Electric Jukebox has hundreds of curated mix tapes to suit every mood/activity (e.g. relax, cooking, dinner party, kids)
  • Electric Jukebox is suitable for the whole family - there is a parental lock feature, which blocks explicit content from being played.
  • There are lots of celebs who think Electric Jukebox is a cool idea, including Stephen Fry, Alexander Armstrong, Robbie Williams and Alesha Dixon. So, they've decided to become our special music curators - you can check out lots of their exclusive mix tapes on the service too.

What does it look like?

TV isn't included - we assume most people have one of those!

What's the point of Electric Jukebox?
  • Our independent research shows that only 8% of the UK subscribe to a music service, like Spotify or Apple Music. The reason? Complicated technology, apps that are too much hassle and monthly credit card charges.
  • Music streaming services are great - they allow you to listen to all the music in the world - but until now, no one has created something that the mass market, particularly the older (non-millennial) generation wants to spend money on.
  • So, Electric Jukebox was created, to provide a simple, easy-to-use service for everybody. We launched last November - hooray!

How does the price compare to competitors?

Electric Jukebox costs £169, which includes a 1 year annual music pass. After 1 year has passed, you can continue to listen to Electric Jukebox for free, with ads, or pay a further annual fee of £52 for an unlimited Premium music pass. This is less than half the price of Spotify o Apple music - which both cost £120 for an annual music subscription.

Price comparisons for home music streaming systems for TV (Year 1):
  • Electric Jukebox (including streaming devices, wireless controller and 1-year Premium Music Pass): £169
  • Apple Music subscription £119.88 + Apple TV £139 + iPad Air 2 £379 = £637.88
  • Google Play Music £119.88 subscription + Chromecast £30 + Nexus 9 £319 = £468.88
  • Spotify £119.88 subscription + Amazon Echo £149.99 = £269.87
 Price comparisons for home music streaming systems for TV (Year 2):
  • Electric Jukebox 1-year Premium Music Pass £52
  • Apple Music subscription £119.88  
  • Google Play Music subscription £119.88  
  • Spotify subscription £119.88    

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