Friday 17 February 2017

Weekend Tot Style - Keeping it Casual

Today's outfit is super casual. We are having a day at home after a busy week. The little man is still suffering with a cough and cold and mama is tired after a busy week at work. But today is the start of our weekend, so chilling at home is just what is needed.

I must admit the body warmer lasted as long as I was taking photos, then he ripped it off and started climbing the furniture again. But it's so cute on him I couldn't resist putting it on.

From looking at these photos you'd never know I had a very active boy on my hands who is go, go, go 24/7. Even in his sleep he squires all over his cot.

Top, Sainsburys | Joggers, Debenhams | Body warmer, Primark.

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  1. What a wonderful little outfit - I love the body warmer! It looks super cosy and perfect for this in between spring weather that will hopefully continue. Haha to the ripping it off as soon as the photos were done - my daughter is a bit like that about outerwear! Thanks for linking up with #weekendtotstyle :) x

    1. He's really good at keeping his outer wear on outside, but not indoors so I can't complain. I love the body warmer and it's lasted him ages even though he's growing so fast.

  2. Aw, comfy style is just what you need when you're ill, and this outfit does look comfy! I love the colour of the monkey top (actually is that a monkey or a bat?) Body warmers are a funny thing aren't they, my boy never kept them on either! xx

    1. I think its a monkey bat if there even is such a thing haha. He's great at keeping his outer wear on outside, but not indoors so I can't complain.


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