Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Mischief of A One Year Old

Here's a few photos of some of the antics my 1 year old has got up to lately! He's certainly starting to find his personality and loves getting up to mischief.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen some of these photos already, so sorry about that.

Warning!!! This is going to be an overload of photos of my boy 😀

He loves the TV remotes and whenever is senses them unattended he runs to grab them. He also loves the duplo cart we got him for this birthday. He screams at me when I put him in his pushchair, but will happily sit in his cart.

We now have our coffee table up against the Ikea Kallax unit so he doesn't pull all the draws out. But he's now learnt that he can climb on the coffee table and get to all the things on top of the unit. Lets just say I've had to move a few things!
Here he decided he wanted to use the laundry basket as a boat.
Obviously the laundry was in his way!!
Trying his Daddy's shoes on
He realised he could post things into the big drinks bottle we are using as a money box.
So most of his socks got posted
Refusing to go to sleep, so ended up falling asleep sitting up! He did this for a few nights in a row, luckily it was a short lived thing, although it was funny watching him on the monitor try and prop himself up and then fall down onto the bed as he drifted off.
One of his favourite places to sit while watching TV 😂
Best seat in the house!
If the gap is big enough he will find a way to squeeze in.

He couldn't wait to get in the bath and did a nose dive trying to reach for the bubbles! 
Having some silliness with Mama before Tommy went to Nanna's and Mama went to work.
Waking up happy in the morning! 😍
He decided it would be more fun to get in the basket before playing with his toys!


  1. These are just gorgeous you're doing a fabulous job. Thanks for posting x

  2. Little monkey! He's so smart.


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