Friday, 23 June 2017

Making Your Bathroom Baby Safe

Having a baby is hard work on poor Mum. If you’ve recently given birth then just moving around your home can be quite uncomfortable! And if you’re determined to keep in physical contact with your newborn at all times, then your body is in for an even bigger challenge. Safety is essential for both you and your little one. No room can be more dangerous, or more difficult to manage than your bathroom. Here are just a few of the ways you can keep everyone safe and happy:
Not A Spa
When you have babies and toddlers around the house, it’s probably best to shut your spa down for a little while. This means no potpourri, candles or scented sticks, I’m afraid! Anything that can be grabbed will be grabbed, and if these things end up in their mouths, it can be very dangerous.
Our bathrooms are also home to our most prized bottles of foam bath, essential oils, and shampoos. None of these have safety caps, but all could poison your child. If you have bathroom cabinet or cupboard, it’s best to make sure all these items are shut away. You can use child locks to make sure the doors stay shut. Don’t forget to take everything down off shelves if you’re holding your baby at all times. They can reach where you can.

Most of us use a thermometer to double check the temperature of the water. There’s a handy guide on bathing at websites like that can help you practically. It’s worth changing your taps too if you have the paddle style. Kids can easily lever these to run the hot water. If this isn’t practical, simply turn down the hot water at your boiler or tank to a safer temperature. Bear in mind there is a minimum temperature recommended for hygiene purposes that would still be too hot for a little one.

Your bathroom radiator is also a source of heat that can be quite nasty for your little one to be near. It could be a good time to invest in a towel radiator with a thermostat from somewhere like that could be turned right down. Towels on here can also reduce the intensity of the heat should you not be able to turn your radiator down.
Mould can form anywhere in your bathroom but tends to especially like the grout in your tiles and the seals along the top of your tub or shower tray. Bleach will probably get rid of all these nasties. After all, some of the spores from this kind of mould can be harmful to vulnerable babies. The trouble is, bleach can be dangerous too.
To avoid mould forming in the first place, air out your bathroom daily with an open window or efficient extractor fan. Disinfectant wipes used regularly could be a safer alternative to harsher chemicals and bleach. You could always try using steam cleaners when the baby is out of the room. Keep your toilet lid locked when little ones are about to be sure they cannot access the bowl, especially after bleaching. Stay safe.

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