Thursday, 20 July 2017

From Family Weekend To Exceptional Free Weekend

When it comes to parenting, the same number is bounced around an awful lot. People seem to be obsessed with the price of raising children, with some organisations suggesting it costs more than a large house. Of course, your expenses will vary depending on your location and how you raise your kids. But, one thing is for sure, this process is certainly not cheap. One of the key areas which make this apparent is weekends. A lot of families struggle to balance the fun they have at this time with the money it can cost. So, to help you with this, this post will be going through three of the best ways to get your kids having fun for free.

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Of course, the very best way to do this is through seeking activities which are always free. Kids aren’t usually worried about how much something costs. Instead, if they can find a way to have fun with it, it won’t matter what you pay. And, there are loads of examples of activities like this. For example, if you have woodland, beaches, mountains, or any other interesting landscapes around you, you have a great resource at your disposal. These sorts of locations are perfect for helping a child’s imagination to run wild. For a trip like this, you’ll only need to bring some food and some play equipment with you. So, unlike a lot of days out, this one will be almost entirely free. A park is also a great place for this sort of activity.

This next option is more about establishing a balance to make your days out cheaper, rather than making them entirely free. Your child should have a good few friends of their own age. And, the parents of these friends will most likely suffer the same financial worries you have dealt with. So, working together by teaming up is the aim of the game. Activities, like swimming or bowling, often become much better value when more people are involved. In most cases, you will pay far from double the price. And, will likely receive loads of additional discounts thanks to your party size. By handling an activity one weekend, you can expect the other parents to do the same the next. And, the cycle can turn like this for a long time.

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Sometimes, getting something for free will take some additional work. In this case, the work comes in the form of using supermarket deals to get your activities cheap. Most modern stores have their own cards which reward you for shopping with them. As you spend money using their card, you will slowly grow points which can be used to save money on your shopping. But, a lot of people don’t realise, you can use these points for more than just shopping. In fact, with a month or so of shopping with a company like Tesco, you can have your fun family activities covered for nothing. This could enable you to spend the day bouncing on trampolines, going to a fancy play, and anything in between.

Hopefully, this post will be enough to give you the drive to start looking for new ways to save money on your kid’s activities. The weekend is a special time for a family. It’s a time to spend time together and build your bonds. So, missing out because of something like money is a great shame. Especially when you could be having plenty of fun completely free.

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