Thursday, 13 July 2017

How To Make An Entrance Worth Returning For

The chances are, you spend your days looking forward to returning home. It’s the place you run to after a hard day at work. When you get through that front door, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Or, can you? If your home isn’t how you would like it, returning can be a headache of its own. And, this applies to more than just the main rooms. Something we often neglect in our home design is the entrance to our houses. They’re rarely a priority, but they should be. Returning home should be the highlight of your day. And, the entrance plays a massive part in that. So, we’re going to look at how to make an entrance in the right way.


Your drive is the first thing you see. A bare patch of concrete is far from inspiring. A drive like that won’t fill anyone with joy. And, joy is what you deserve when getting home. So, turn your attention to a drive you can enjoy. If you don’t want to undertake too much work, try to make what you have more inspiring. Placing plants around the sides will at least go some way towards adding a homely vibe. If you’re willing to do a little more work, you could pave the drive to make it more welcoming. Paving Centres like Sure Set can provide resin bound paving which is durable, smooth, and low maintenance. So, there’s no excuse not to make your drive that bit prettier. If paving doesn’t appeal, you could invest in paving slabs instead. Bear in mind that these would need to be smooth to ensure ease of use!


Your front door is also worth your attention here. When talking about making an entrance, this is arguably the most important thing. Yet, how many of us make do with the front door which came with our property? For most of us, this isn’t even a consideration. It’s a practicality and nothing more. But, your front door should matter to you. The whole street can see if after all. Besides which, it’s the first contact you’ll have with your house when you return. Make sure that contact is positive by installing the front door of your dreams. Don’t hold back. You could go all out with a brightly coloured option if you wanted to. How does pink sound?


Some of us are even lucky enough to have entrance halls to welcome us home. Again, it’s crucial we get these right. This is essential for your return, and when you bring guests into your home. Think, first, about the floor. It’s going to be exposed to a lot of muddy footprints, so options such as tiling, or wood, are your best bets, here. Think, too, about the walls. Entrance halls don’t often have windows, so something bright and welcoming is best. Pastel colours would work fantastically here. A pale yellow, for example, would create the light you’re lacking.

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