Friday, 28 July 2017

The 4 Pillars Of Modern Decor

Decor trends in recent years have been leaning towards simplicity rather than overbearing designs. More modern decor can give your home an elegant feel that is far more sophisticated than heavy patterns and garish colours. If you decorate your home with lots of complex palettes, you might find that you get tired of it after a while and in that situation, you’ll need to completely redecorate again. However, if you’re using a much simpler style, it’ll be easier to make small tweaks from time to time. The key to nailing modern decor is getting the basic concepts right, from there you are free to add your own flourishes. These are the basic concepts behind modern decor.

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Simplicity is the cornerstone of the modern style, everything else is built around this idea. That doesn’t mean having an empty room painted completely white, but you do need to remove any extra clutter. Don’t fill your room with pointless knick knacks and ornaments otherwise you’ll ruin the simple aesthetic. You should also avoid any patterned upholstery or wallpaper as well. Instead, opt for clean metals and neutral colours. Getting aluminium windows from somewhere like Buckingham Double Glazing is a brilliant way to give your room that futuristic look that goes well with the rest of the modern lines. Furniture should be limited to the pieces that you actually need, and do away with any of the useless foot stools.


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The second pillar is functionality, and it ties in with the minimalist choices that you’ve made. Everything in the room needs to be there for a reason, and if it doesn’t have a function, then get rid of it. When you’re designing the kitchen, don’t fill it with useless gadgets that you’ll never use, stick to the basics and make everything easy to access. It’s ok to have a few decorative pieces of furniture, but make sure they fit with the aesthetic of everything else in the room otherwise, they’ll look jarring, and don’t go overboard. It’s better to pick a few quality items rather than fill the room with junk.



Filling your home with technology is vital to creating a modern style, but you need to be careful about how you do it. You’ll lose out on all of those clean minimalist lines if you pile up hefty computers and DVD players in there. Try to go for as much built in tech as possible, for example, get a flat screen TV with the DVD player built in. You can really push the boat out by filling your house with smart tech that can be voice controlled but remember, you still need to stick to the functionality rule so don’t put in anything that isn’t actually useful.

Open Spaces

The last aspect that takes centre stage when you’re creating a modern style is wide open spaces. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd spaces with excessive furniture so the room will always look clean and tidy. In smaller rooms, you can use mirrors and lighting to make the space appear larger than it actually is.

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