Saturday, 29 July 2017

Stones At Home That Absolutely Rock

Stone is a wonderful material. This natural building resource comes in a staggering variety of colours and textures. With some stone, you can create intricate work, with loads of tiny features. And, with other options, you can make huge items which look heavy and strong. The natural appeal this material adds can’t be ignored, either, making this one of the best options for any home. To help you out, this post will be going through four of the best uses of stone in any home. It should give you some good inspiration, hopefully leading to rocks being used throughout your house.

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  • Mantel Pieces

When you’re using a material like stone, you want to be able to make an impact on the room it’s in. One of the best features to change for this is the mantel piece in a room. This feature takes up a large portion of the wall, making it big enough to alter the feel of the entire space. The sort of stone you choose here will be based on the other decoration in the room. For lighter walls, darker stones can be good, providing a nice contrast. But, for dark walls, you might want to consider something a little lighter to brighten the space.

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  • Kitchen Work Surfaces

Being so strong and sturdy, stone is perfect for any area of your home which gets battered and used regularly. The kitchen is a great example of a room like this, with its work surfaces having to endure years of cooking and other food preparation before they’re retired. Options made from wood or plastic will often look bad over time, taking on the bumps and scuffs which come with age. Marble and granite worktops don’t suffer this affliction, though. Instead, they will be much easier to keep nice going into the future.

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  • Flooring

Stone has long been one of the best flooring options out there. Thanks to its hardy nature, stone can easily contend with the traffic in your home. Along with this, it’s much easier to clean than wood or carpet, and it doesn’t require much treatment. For floors, you can use any type of stone, as long as it is hard wearing. Most people will choose a limestone, sandstone, or slate option for their stone floors. This can add a contemporary look to any home.

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  • Ornaments

Finally, stone doesn’t just have to be used for areas which need to be large or hardy. Along with this, stone can be used to make some beautiful decoration. Small stone statues can be found from loads of places online, like eBay and Amazon. Or, you could look into some other stone-based products for your home. Adding textures and colours like this will make your home feel more natural, making stone the perfect pairing option with plants.

With this post, you should be able to get started on getting some stone into your home. Not a lot of people use this sort of material, nowadays. Instead, plastic and wood reign supreme. But, stone still has its place in modern design.

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