Saturday, 23 September 2017

Heating Things Up: Keeping Your Home Warm as Autumn Approaches


The leaves are falling from the trees, Halloween merchandise is hitting the stores and the nights are drawing in closer at earlier hours of the evening. This can mean only one thing: Autumn is approaching. While Autumn holds many pleasures, it also means that temperatures will rapidly drop and you will find yourself shivering every now and then. While the odd nip in the air can’t be avoided when heading outdoors, you can ensure that your home is toasty and warm, ready to take you in after a long day at work or socialising. Here are a few ways to ensure that your home generates and retains enough heat to keep things cosy this Autumn.

Domestic Heating

There are several different ways to heat your home and chances are that you’ve stuck with the same methods that you grew up with or the options that were already installed in your home when you moved in. But now is the time to ensure that your heating options are up to date and as reliable as possible. Around five million homes across the nation aren’t connected to the national gas grid and thus depend on heating oil to keep things warm. One of the most popular forms of Domestic Heating Oil is gas oil, also known as red diesel. It is a heavy oil that is commonly used in old boilers, in agriculture or commercially. This, however, is great for your home as it is guaranteed to hold the power to truly ensure that the heat reaches the rafters.



Not much can beat cuddling up on the sofa with a soft throw while watching the television or a film with a hot chocolate in hand. So make sure that you have plenty of thick, plush throws at hand for chillier evenings. Not only do they supply warmth, but they can also complement your general decor. Make a statement with bright and bold patterns or keep things simple with neutral tones. Fabric will depend on your personal taste. Some people will opt for knitted wool throws, while others may like patchwork quilts or fluffy teddy bear fleeces.


We are all well aware that insulation can help keep heat within your own four walls, but many people underestimate the extent to which it can save money and energy. There are so many areas that you can focus on. However, the main areas to consider are your loft (heat rises and thus leaves through the roof), windows (single pane glass can’t retain much heat) or conservatories (which are a huge drain when it comes to heat loss). Contact professionals in each area to work out the best options available to you. Tackle one area at a time, or you may start to feel overwhelmed with building works and the financial investment required.

These simple steps will ensure that you keep as much heat in your home as possible. Not only will this reduce bills, benefit the environment and keep you from shivering as the colder months of the year creep in.

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