Friday, 29 September 2017

Keeping Your Cool When Taking Care Of Elderly Relatives

There may come a time in your life where you have no choice but to care for an elderly relative or parent. It can feel like you are stepping into a grey area when it comes to caring for someone who once cared for you and at times it can be emotionally charged, given the nature of the situation. There is much to think about and consider during this time, but the things any one of us should try and do is to keep our cool and remain level-headed. I thought I would share with you some of the things you can start to think about with some tips to help you stay sane during a very difficult time.


Accept that things have changed

It can be a hard situation to handle, on both parts, when an elderly relative starts to depend on someone they once cared for themselves. It’s a real change in dynamic and one that can be quite a difficult thing to work through at first. The best advice when finding yourself in this situation is to accept that things have changed and actually work together to find a dynamic that works for you right now and in the future.

Discuss all the options of care together

Sometimes it can be difficult to think practically about things especially when emotions are running high. But you do need to discuss the options of care together to ensure that you come to a decision that suits all parties. You may find that the person you are caring for is wanting to remain as independent as possible. That might mean thinking about having some adaptations in the home to make things easier on them. They may need some expert care which is when a residential or care home could be considered. Options like care homes from Eastleigh Care could be worth looking into. Sometimes it might just be a case of needing to keep extra tabs on them, and with advancements in technology, it is far simpler to ensure that elderly people living in their own homes are fine.

Remember to keep your emotions in check

It can be quite hard to keep your emotions under control especially when this person could know you one of the best and know exactly what buttons to press to get you angry or frustrated. It is time to try and remain as calm as possible to ensure that no one gets hurt. They don’t mean it if they air their frustrations out on you, it is because you are the closest person to them. We all know that at any point in our life we can be guilty of taking things out on the people we love and care about the most.

Enjoy the time together

Finally, it is time to ensure that you enjoy the time you do have together. Some people don’t get long in those final years, and others don’t even get the opportunity to do what you are doing. So make the most of it, spend time talking about past memories and try and make some new ones in the process.

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