Tuesday, 14 November 2017

11 DIY Musts That All Homeowners Should Know

One of the biggest downsides to owning a property, is that when things need repairing it’s now solely down to you to make the necessary repairs. If you’re not particularly a DIY diva, then it can be difficult and extremely expensive to carry out repairs on your property. While not all costs can be avoided, there are some easy repair hacks that all homeowners should know, so that if and when something goes wrong, you’ve got more of a chance of making the repairs yourself for less money, time and stress.


  1. Unclogging a sink
There’s nothing worse than washing your hands and noticing the water level rising, but not draining as quickly as normal, if at all. Rather than rush to call your plumber, try putting some baking soda and vinegar down the plug hole and let it sit for a while. After that, pour some boiling water down the plug and you should find that it’s clear. If that fails, you can now get an aparatus from most hardware stores which you can put down your sink to drag any clogged up hair or debris back up; therefore clearing the blockage.

  1. Easily cover up scratches in wood
Maybe your children have accidentally scuffed your hardwood flooring, or you’ve moved some furniture and accidentally dinged your table leg. No need to replace anything, simply grab some walnut and rub it on the affected area and it will come up as good as new!

  1. Finally get some peace and quiet from your squeaky floorboards
There’s nothing worse than trying to be quiet around your home at night when the children are asleep and you’ve got very squeaky floors. Talcum powder is excellent at getting into the cracks and stopping your floors from squeaking. Plus, you will have a lovely smell coming from your floors for a while!

  1. Tin foil tricks
Tin foil has more uses than just for cooking. You can use it to cover paint trays when you’re redecorating so that you’ve got an easy clean up, and the tray is able to be used again. You can also scrunch some up into a ball and use it in your tumble dryer. They’re totally reusable, cheaper than dryer balls and very economical.

  1. Having a plethora of tools
One thing that many people fail to do is keep their tool supply up to date. Sometimes there might be a quick repair that needs doing around your home and you might just need a bolt and the job would be done. Ensuring that you have a plethora of tools will mean that you can get the job done quickly. You can get screws and fixings at Bryson for very reasonable prices, so stock up and rest assured that you’re prepared for any job coming.


  1. Cleaning glass
If you’ve got a glass shower screen, or you’re responsible for cleaning the interior and exterior of your windows then this hack will definitely help you. Rather than struggling with a rag that’s getting wetter by the second and leaving smear marks, next time use a newspaper to buff up your windows, mirrors and shower screens. Just grab a new sheet when one get’s too wet and you will have a streak free finish every time.

  1. Easily keep rugs from slipping
Rugs are a fantastic addition to any home, but can pose as a danger if you’ve got hardwood flooring. Get yourself a hot glue gun and glue the bottom of your rug in a zig-zag pattern. Once the glue is dry is will cause friction between the glue and your hardwood flooring. This will ensure that it won’t slip out of place.

  1. Shoe organisers have more uses than just storing shoes
Some genius decided to hang a shoe organiser on the back of a kitchen cupboard door and found that it created much more storage space for your cupboards. They’re also fantastic for arranging foods in, especially if you have children and you want to create snack packs for them. Of course, you could also use a shoe organiser for your shoes too!

  1. Pool noodles also have more uses than you think
Pool noodles are fantastic for keeping boots upright and preventing them from wearing before their time. However, they are also amazing for protecting your walls and doors from dents and dings. Put one inside your garage alongside where your car doors open to protect your car too. If you don’t have any doorstops in your home, consider gluing a pool noodle to the handles of your doors to protect your walls and your wallet.

  1. Easily unscrew a stubborn and worn out screw
There comes a time in many people’s lives where they want to change the decor in their home. This could mean moving pictures to a different place. Problems can be caused by screws that are worn out and you can’t obtain grip with your screwdriver, so you’re left with an ugly screw in your wall. Luckily, putting a rubber band between your screwdriver and the screw will create the friction needed and allow you to remove that stubborn screw.

  1. Drill with no dust
If you’ve got a few small jobs to do that involve the use of a drill, it can be a tedious thought because of the dust getting all over your walls and carpet. Luckily, using a folded sticky note to collect the dust underneath where you’re drilling will solve all of your problems. The great part about post-it notes is that they won’t damage paint or wallpaper on your walls.

So there we have it, 11 DIY musts that all homeowners should know. Hopefully these 11 hacks will help you at some point in your life. Can you think of any other hacks that should be on this list. Let us know below!

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