Tuesday, 6 February 2018

3 Useful Online Resources When Decorating

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When you are decorating your home, getting inspiration and ideas is one of the most important elements. You want to make things as nice and as perfect as possible, but doing that in a vacuum is difficult. With that in mind, here are three helpful online resources when decorating your home.

Retailer Websites

If you are looking to buy anything as part of your decorating, then retailer websites are an invaluable resource. On there you can look through all kinds of furniture, furnishing, decorations and other things to decorate and add to your home. Most retailers will also give the dimensions of the items so that you know whether they will fit where you want to put them. You can also generally filter out items so that you are not looking at things that exceed your budget. You can browse a retailer’s website from your sofa while you are watching TV. This makes it a great way to multitask and research how you want to decorate your house. If you are planning on doing some decorating, then you should browse websites to see what is available and save links to things that you like the look of.


YouTube is another amazing online resource when you are decorating. You can use YouTube for tutorials on how to do certain things or to get inspiration. There are so many YouTube channels that are dedicated to interior design and just as many about how to actually decorate in the first place. All of these videos are worth your time. A quick search will show you all the videos related to your specific idea, interest or project. Decorating can be expensive, so make sure you do not go over budget. However, if you do, then you can use something like P2P lending to cover your shortfall. You can follow your favourite YouTubers so that you are always up to date with their latest videos.


Bloggers are like YouTube channels in that they can provide ideas and tips on how to decorate. A lot will be heavily opinion based, so you will want to follow the bloggers who are similar to you or have similar interests. Instead of videos, bloggers use written articles to convey their message and show you their decorating. This might be through showing you projects that they have worked on or it might be showing off the decorating that recently happened in their house. You can do a quick Google Search and find an almost uncountable number of decorating and interior design bloggers. Reading and looking at their work is a great piece of research and another one that you can do while relaxing in the evening. When it comes to decorating, you need to take advantage of every possible resource. This is because you likely are not going to suddenly come up with exactly how you want to decorate your room or house. Instead, you can see what other people have done and gain a lot of inspiration that way.

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