Thursday, 5 July 2018

Home: Why Spend More When You Can Do This!

It always seems to be spend, spend, spend, when it comes to the home. The more we spend, the less we seem to get out of it! Right from the first moment that you decide to buy a home, things get expensive. But here’s some news for you, it isn’t going to stop unless you do something about it! We’re always so hell bent on spending for our home, that it’s time to start thinking about how we can save money, even on the most expensive of purchases. If you’re stuck for ideas that actually work, like a lot of people are, then here are some of our best that we think will really benefit you. Have a read on to find out more.

Save On Furniture

Furniture is something that you’re probably only going to have to buy every few years or so. As long as you keep them in good shape, there’s no reason why you should need to buy pieces of furniture such as the sofa, any less than three years after then one you’ve got now. However, when it does come to a time where you need one, get yourself one second hand! Some second hand sofas have been used once or twice, and people just don’t like them, so they sell them for next to nothing. If it looks in good condition, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy it. With your mattress, which is another thing you have to dig deep into your pocket for, you should check out websites such as They cut memory foam and normal foam mattresses to size, meaning all you would need to do is get a cover, and a sheet, and you’re good to go. They’ll be just as good as what you would find in the store, except you wouldn’t have to pay through the nose to buy it.

Save On Bills

Bills are just a nightmare. One minute you have a lot of money to play with, the next you
have pretty much nothing! It can be a nightmare to try and handle, but there are ways to bringing them down, without having to do so much haggling. First of all, you should think of switching to a smart meter system, so that you can monitor things such as water and electricity. When you know exactly what you’re spending, it’s easier to be conscious about how you’re using your energy and water etc. Secondly, you could use comparison websites to switch altogether. Most of the companies you’re with will let you free of charge, or bring down what they charge you if they know you’re trying to leave for better.

Save On Other Expenses

Other expenses can really pile up on you from time to time, and one of these is the expenses you’ll have to pay to do things with your children. One top tip we have is to always book days out online if you can. They’re cheaper than on the door prices, and you might even be able to find yourself a coupon or two to save even more money!

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