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Not Too Old To Be Mum - Sam

This week’s "Not Too Old To Be Mum" is with Sam from Mummy Market.

First of all congratulations on your baby. How old were you when you had your baby/babies?

I was 42 when I had my son Jack.
Tell me a bit about yourself and your main reasons for having a child(ren) after the age of 35?

My name is Sam, married to John for 7 yrs after meeting in Cornwall. My son Jack is four and I have two teenage step boys.  I've always wanted to be a mum since I was little. I loved my dollies and really looked after them. I had  a couple of long term relationships, the last one being 13 yrs and particularly abusive and before I knew it I was in my late thirties.

Did you have any problems with falling pregnant? If you did, would you say age was a contributing factor?

John and I married two years after meeting and tried for a baby straight away. Nothing happened so I went to doctors who referred me to the hospital quite quickly (as I was older). I had the camera through my belly button but they couldn't find anything and I was told to keep on trying. I was too old for IVF but the doctor prescribed Clomid. For me it was a wonder drug and I fell pregnant within 2 months thankfully.

I do think age was a contributing factor.

Did you have any complications with your pregnancy or labour that you feel were caused by being older?

I had a wonderful pregnancy and no complications. It was recommended that I was induced soon after due date because of placenta issues that might become a problem in women over 40.

Were you treated differently by medical professionals because of your age? If you were, how did that make you feel?

It was a mixture really. I was referred to a consultant because I was an 'old mum' but he dismissed this when I met him and was quite happy with everything. I was given an extra scan because of my age which I didn't mind as I got to see Jack again :)

If you had children before and after you were 35, were there any differences with the pregnancy, labour and you as a parent? Would you put these down to age differences?
What do you feel are the pros and cons for having a baby after 35?

Cons - energy levels maybe, especially when Jack was born.

Pros - I was able to take more time off work and spent the first two years off with Jack which I loved, I think I would probably have gone back to work sooner in my twenties/thirties. Life experience I think helps too.

Do you plan on having any more children? If not, what are your main reasons? And if you would like more, what worries you the most about the prospect of having more?

Jack is my first and last. I turn 47 soon and don't think I could go back to getting up several times a night plus I had issues with my pelvis which caused issues with walking. Soft play is also now becoming a bit of a workout too :)
If you could do your time over, would you choose to have your children younger?

I would have loved to have had children when I was younger - I always wanted two but I do feel I'm too old now to have a second. I hadn't met the right person and would not have wanted children with anyone else but John.

What advice do you have for any women thinking of having a child past the age of 35?

Go for it. If it will be your first, there is no other experience like it.

Thanks for taking part Sam and sharing your story. If you’d like to hear more from Sam, you can visit her at heblog.

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