Tuesday, 21 August 2018

DIY Decorating Projects For Autumn

Summer is almost over, and we are sure you’ve already heard people talking about pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween. The decor in our home can change during the winter months, and September is the ideal time to start bringing some fall colours and cute touches to the home. Here are some of the ways you can make your home feel warm, cosy and festive ready for the colder months of the year.

Hide the heating

It is easy to forget that you ever had radiators during the summer, but now that the nights are getting cold and long, you’ll need to use the heating once again in the home. Get a plumber such as Mr Rooter Plumbing to come in at the start of autumn to check the booker and make sure everything is in order, and then you can work on hiding the radiator with a lick of paint or some clever shelving. It will make the home feel less of an eyesore and give you an extra place to place you candles at night.

Make autumn leaf garlands

One fun project that you can do at the weekend is to make yourself some autumn leaf garlands to hang in various places around the house. All you will need for this craft is some autumn leaves which you can buy on Amazon, some string or twine, and some PVA glue. Simply measure out how much string you need for your desired place and lay it down on the floor. Carefully arrange leaves underneath the string side by side until the space is full. Take your glue and place a drop over the string on each leaf, pressing down so that the string sticks to the leaf. Leave for a few hours and you will have a garland ready to hang on the fireplace.

Paint pumpkins

The biggest sign of autumn is most likely the appearance of pumpkin absolutely everywhere. Although the stores won’t be selling real pumpkins for a little while, you will be able to find plastic ones pretty much anywhere. To liven them up a bit and make them look more fun you can paint them with metallic paints, different patterns and wacky colours to place around the house. It will certainly be a cool addition to the home!

Create a wreath

We often associate wreaths with Christmas, and it is true that at Christmas we tend to see wreaths around more often. However you can have a wreath at any time of the year, and autumn ones can look stunning hung up on your door. You can use twigs, leaves, pumpkins and other autumn fruits to decorate a wreath yourself. You can buy a wreath ring online and use whatever you want to make that ideal decoration and then you can even place some solar powered fairy lights inside to really give it a magical feel. It will be a super cute project and it will make your home ready for autumn from the get go.

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