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Only Mum's of Boys Will Understand


A couple of years ago we received a gift for our oldest boy Tommy, they apologised, saying they mistakenly got the "girls version", in other words it was pink. I think I nervously laughed and said it was fine. Really what difference does it make? Tommy didn't mind and still to this day will sometimes play with it and now our youngest boy Fraser plays with it too. Gender is just a thing as adults we put on children. Tommy has both a tool bench and play kitchen, he likes them both equally. One shouldn't be seen as a girls toy and the other as a boys toy, they are just toys.

That being said, there are definitely differences between boys and girls. There are certain things only mums of boys will understand. I have two boys, Tommy is 2.5 years and Fraser 9 months. Now that Fraser can sit up, we have him sit up while we bath him. OH MY GOODNESS is he obsessed with his willy (sorry if that word offends, if it does, reading this post might not be for you), like really obsessed. I give him a toy to play with to distract him, he then just holds the toy in one hand, while he looks for his willy again with his other hand 😳. 

Bath Time

I thought Tommy was bad when he was a baby, but it's nothing in comparison to Fraser. However now we are potty training Tommy, you can often hear me shouting things like "Your willy's hanging out of your pants" 😂. And then there's the wee showers you get when your baby boy is very young. If you have a son and haven't been peed on in a shower like formation, you obviously haven't changed enough nappies.

But my boys are still very young and I'm sure there is a lot more to "look forward to". So I asked other mums of boys to share their stories. I thought I'd get a couple of stories, but instead got over 20. I really don't want to leave anyone's out, because they had me in tears of laughter reading them. This just proves I've got a lot more to come as the boys get older.

Mum of boys

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. Do you have sons? Can you relate? Have you got any other funny stories to add? Please share in the comments, I'd love to hear them.

Mandi from Big Family Organised Chaos says "Never talk to them when they are having a wee, they immediately turn round and spray it everywhere!!!"

Louise from With Love From Lou says, "Oscar thinks any slug, spider, snail or bug he finds outside can be brought in and kept as a pet. No, thank you!!"

Emma from Free From Farm House says, "Anything can be turned into a gun or sword!"

Leyla from This Day I Love says, "Rocks. What is it with boys and rocks? Must stop to pick up every rock and every bit of dirt."

Lauren from Sophies Nursery says, "Being peed on, water pistol style during nappy changes! PS My 6 month old is obsessed with grabbing his willy too ðŸ˜‚

Beth from 
Twinderelmo says, "Squeaky voices and the ridiculous fluff on the top lip that just festers for a while. Then prepare for them to grunt at you."

Becci from To Aufinity And Beyond says, "Morning till night energy. Where do they get it! I’m exhausted just watching my three."

Catherine from Passports And Adventures says, "Cars, cars, motorbikes and more cars. Hot Wheels, Disney Cars and motorbikes are everywhere in my house. And he's always making vroom noises, even if he hasn't got one in his hand!"

Jenni from Chilling With Lucas says, "Lucas (3 years old) walked from the bathroom to the bedroom the other day after his bath, looked down at his willy and said ‘hasn’t it grown!’ ðŸ˜‚

Adrienne from Working Mum Cambridge. says, "Walking around in just his pants all day. Holding his winky when he’s desperate for a wee like it’s going to help hold it in a little longer ðŸ¤£"

Sinead from Sinead Latham says, "Another toilet one.....they are incapable of not peeing on the seat ðŸ¤¦ðŸ¼‍♀️ (That includes the adult male too)"

Helen from Twins Tantrums And Cold Coffee says "
Definitely the obsession with willies, bums and poo. My three year old clearly doesn’t have a confidence issue as he described his willy once as being “as long as a giraffe’s neck” ðŸ˜‚"

Emma from Emma Reed says "When they hit three they find anything related to poo or bums or toilets hilarious. You never think it will be your child shouting poo poo bum in the street but it will be!!"
Gail from Yammy Mommy says "Trying to explain why his willy ‘goes so big’ (his words not mine!) when he plays with it!🤦‍♀️Gail says her son also asked her husband very loudly in a public toilet the other day "why his willy was so funny looking"

Jen from Just Average Jen says, "Discussing with them why they can't have their hands down their pants when you're in the room!"

Carla from My Bump 2 Baby says, "Asking me when I am showering, where my willy has gone and if someone has stolen it?"

Frances from Whinge Whinge Wine says, "Your house will basically always smell of piss."

Kate from Hitchens Kitchen says, "I have such a cutie, a really nurturing 3 year old boy. He loves his police motorbike and diggers but also loves babies, especially since we've had his baby brother. He rides his police bike around carrying his dolly in a sling (because I won't let him wear the real baby ðŸ˜‚) and he pushes his diggers around in a pram. He also loves helping me cook and clean (which I'm making the most of until he changes his mind!) I have to put up with remarks about him being 'soft', and I've been asked 'what does your husband think about that?' Implying it's not good. One colleague at work even asked me what I would do if he 'turned out gay'. I bet mothers of girls don't get the same if they have a child with a nurturing personality. "

Susan from Edinburgh Mummy says, "My 3 year old son was asking me where my willy was. 6 year old son explained to him "girls don't have willies, girls have mini fandangos". Never laughed so hard in my life."

Vicki from Tippy Tupps says, "The lack of fear!! I've this moment got back from a&e with my two year old boy who decided it was a great idea to launch himself off the sofa. A grade 3 sprain later and it transpires it was in fact not a good idea!!"

Boys Have No Fear

Neelika from Nel C 3 says, "The fact that they can make up "bum" songs and be singing them for years! My 9 and 6 year old made up a song entirely about bums and have been singing it since they were 7 and 4!"

Lisa from Bare Mother says, "I’m sure it’s been said, but the fascination with their willy starts so young! Mr 3 is always telling us when he’s got a ‘big one’. The other day he was squeezing it so hard I had to stop him and say ‘be careful or you’ll hurt it!’. He said ‘it’s okay mummy, I’m making it little’. Ouch, just ouch! "

Playing in the den

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