Monday 26 November 2018

Christmas/Festive Family Bucket List

Christmas Day 2017 after spending hours in A&E

This time last year I was heavily pregnant and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby boy. So although we did a few things to celebrate Christmas, it was very low key. In fact our Christmas day was spent seeing midwives, doctors and sitting in A&E. So this year I'm excited for the upcoming festive season, especially as our oldest boy Tommy will be 3 this December, he is really starting to take things in and show interest in the magic of Christmas.

So I thought I'd put together a little bucket list for us of things we'd like to do in the run up to Christmas. These are in no particular order. If you're looking to put your own bucket list together, I hope you find some inspiration here. And if you already have your list, what's at the top of your bucket list?

  1. Visit Santa

    I'm excited to take Fraser to see Father Christmas for the first time. This will technically be his 2nd Christmas, but he was only 3 days only last Christmas Day, so I feel like this is his first. I'm also excited to see how Tommy reacts this year, as he is really getting excited for Christmas this year.
  2. Take a festive family photo

    Each year we try to get a family photo around the festive season, so that we can document our family each year as it grows. Last year we bought Christmas t-shirts for us to all wear for a bit of fun, so we might do something similar again this year.

  3. Christmas baking

    I've always loved baking and now try to involve Tommy too and of course as Fraser gets older he can join in with us. It's all very simple baking at the moment while they are young. I have plans to decorate a gingerbread house that I bought from Aldi, I'm sure Tommy is going to love decorating it as well as eating it 😜
  4. Visit family

    Between us we have a lot of family and we try and see most of them over the festive season. Even though we don't live near a lot of our family, it's amazing how quickly Tommy feels completely at home with his cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents.
  5. Go on a family winter walk

    There's nothing nicer than the crisp winter air on a cold day. I'm not a huge fan of very cold weather, but I would take cold over wet weather any day. So I'm looking forward to taking some relaxing (as relaxing as they can be with young kids) walks with my family.
  6. Visit the German Markets

    I love the Christmas Markets, the atmosphere, sounds, smells and all the lovely gifts you can buy from the stalls. We already have our trip planned and we are actually going on the train. Hopefully the boys love it and I don't regret going by public transport.
  7. See some Christmas lights

    I love seeing how some people decorate their houses, I could never do it myself as it takes so much effort, but I love looking at how others have decorated. I hope this becomes a family tradition that each year we take a drive to see everyone's lights.
  8. Participate in Vlogmas

    If you don't know what Vlogmas is, it's posting a video a day on YouTube from the 1st of December through till Christmas Day. I've never taken part in Vlogmas before and there's a huge part of me that says I'm stupid to even contemplate it. But with both our boys birthday's in December and wanting to capture the fun we have in the lead up to Christmas, I feel like this may be a way of me doing it. Committing to Vlogmas will give me a push to remember to pickup my camera and film. I may well fail at it, but at least I gave it a try and hopefully record some of our memories.
Here's a little more inspiration for your own Christmas bucket list

Fariba from Mixed up Mama says on her list is: go to the theatre, watch a Christmas movie, go to a carol service, do some Christmas baking and give it out, visit Santa, go ice skating, decorate the tree, make a Christmas decoration to name a few!

Becky from A Beautiful Space says, definitely on the list is getting my kids to write their thank you notes.

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