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Creating a Safe Home Environment for Your Children


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When you have children, your world changes. You have to change all sorts of aspects of your day to day lifestyle and routine to ensure that you’re giving them the best upbringing you possibly can. From moving home to be close to family and friends for support or to be within good schools’ catchment areas to altering your working hours, social life, diet and more. Of course, one area you may have to change is how your home is arranged, as this can help to create a child-safe environment for your little one to grow up in. Believe it or not, there are all sorts of threats in the average house that could prove dangerous for children, and it’s important that you take steps to remove them within your own living spaces. Here are some suggestions that will help you to achieve this!

Plug Covers

As adults, we all know that you shouldn’t put anything in a plug. But children may not yet have learnt this lesson and you definitely don’t want them to learn it the hard way. Placing metal objects such as knives or forks into wall sockets can cause electrocution. But there are ways to protect your child. You can buy small packs of plastic plug covers, which simply insert into the plug and prevent your child from putting anything in there.

Keep Blind Cords Out of the Way

Blinds are a great way to control light flow in and out of your rooms and to give you and your family privacy when you don’t want people seeing in through the windows. You can get all sorts of beautiful Pinoleum Blinds that will complement your room’s design and tick these boxes. But blind cords can be a danger to children, who are prone to playing with them and getting tangled up in them. In a worst case scenario, the cords could wrap around your child’s neck and cause suffocation. Make sure to keep blind cords up and out of the way of your children. All blinds now come with string holders that can be screwed to the wall and do a good job of this. Alternatively, you can simply opt for curtains.

Cupboard Locks

Cupboards contain all sorts of threats to children - even if they do only contain daily household items. Cleaning products, medicines and more can all pose a serious threat to your child if they were ingested. Plastic bags also pose a suffocation risk. Instead, make sure that you use cupboard locks that children won’t be able to figure out how to open. This will keep your cupboards closed until you want to access them yourself.

As you can see, there’s a lot that you’ll need to do to keep your children as safe as possible at home. But all in all, it will prove more than worth the effort and investments for the sake of their wellbeing. Hopefully, some of the suggestions above will get your journey to a child-safe home started out in the right direction.

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