I saw a comment recently where a mum thought 29 was too old to start a family. She did clarify that's what she thought for herself. But really!!! Sure there are ideals in life, but life doesn't always turn out that way. It certainly didn't for me. You can read my full story of how I became a mum at almost 40 here. I had my first baby at 38 and second at 40. Being an older mum isn't always easy, but it's so rewarding. I want to give hope to women who have found themselves wanting a baby after the age of 35 for whatever reason, that it's not too late. Below you'll find stories from a variety of women who have all had a baby 35 or older.

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Facebook support groups for Mums over 35

Below is a list of Facebook groups geared towards women who have babies after the age of 35. If you know of a group that you'd like to add to this list then please get in touch.

Click on the images below
to read the stories of these amazing women! 

Rosie - Busy Mum Lifestyle
Sara - Jodhpurs for Maise
Justine - Lil Jem and Baby E
Liberty - Liberty on the Lighter Side


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