Monday, 17 February 2020

Not Too Old To Be Mum - Rosie

This week’s "Not Too Old To Be Mum" is with Rosie from Busy Mum Lifestyle.

How old were you when you had your baby/babies?
I was 29 when I had my first baby and my second baby is due in three weeks. I’m now 44

Tell me a bit about yourself and your main reasons for having a child(ren) after the age of 35?
After getting divorced I met a new partner and we knew straight away we wanted to have children. 

Did you have any problems with falling pregnant? If you did, would you say age was a contributing factor?
Yes it took us eight years to conceive and we lost four babies on the way. Eventually I was diagnosed with a condition called APS which means that my blood is too thick this was the cause of the miscarriages.
It was a very tough time and we had definitely given up hope, my husband was even booked in for his vasectomy. Then last summer we fell pregnant totally out of the blue.  

Did you have any complications with your pregnancy or labour that you feel were caused by being older? I have been much more tired in this pregnancy but I’m not sure that’s down to age. I have friends who are much younger who are just as tired. 

Were you treated differently by medical professionals because of your age? If you were, how did that make you feel?
I was really shocked at 36 to be referred to as a geriatric - I think the language used by the NHS in relation to older mums needs to change.
Having babies in your 40s is not new or modern - my grandmother and great-grandmother both had babies at 44. 

If you had children before and after you were 35, were there any differences with the pregnancy, labour and you as a parent? Would you put these down to age differences?
I seemed to breeze through my pregnancy at 29 - having said that it was 14 years ago so it’s difficult to remember. This pregnancy has been much harder I’ve had infections, sickness, exhaustion but again not sure that’s age. All pregnancies are different. 

What do you feel are the pros and cons for having a baby after 35?
My situation is life is much more secure. I have a good job and there are more options open to me in terms of going back to work.
I’m a much more confident parent having done it all before. 

If you could do your time over, would you choose to have your children younger?
I had wanted children younger but life just doesn’t go the way you think it will and I feel so blessed that I am pregnant at this age. It’s also such an exciting time for us as my husband is a first time Dad and it will be lovely to see how my 14 year old is with a new baby.

What advice do you have for any women thinking of having a child past the age of 35?
If you are trying for a baby and struggling my word of advice is RELAX! There is a reason people get pregnant when they are on holiday or stop trying. There is so much information thrown at women about what they should eat, drink and do when trying for a baby but for me it has to be relaxation.

Thanks for taking part Rosie and sharing your story. If you’d like to hear more from Rosie, you can visit her at heblog or over on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

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