Wednesday, 18 May 2016

At Home Sensory Play

I took my boy to a sensory play group a few weeks ago and the things they had there were so simple that I thought I could get some items for home.

Some of what they had at the play group included: shredded paper, various types of shower loofahs, lights reflected into mirrors and lots of other every day items.

Here's what I've made so far and some photos of my boy playing with them.


Lava lamp. These were really easy to make. You can make various sizes and colours. Here's the tutorial I used to make them - Lava lamp tutorial

Mirror box with light. Most babies love looking at lights from a young age and my baby is no different. I made 2 mirror boxes and put lights inside. As stated before these are not toys and babies should not be left alone playing with them.

I found a couple of boxes I no longer needed and purchased a couple of battery operated lights. I wanted to cover the boxes (this wasn't necessary) and found some silver glitter adhesive cover in the supermarket that has finished these boxes off really well.

I purchased mirror tiles which were really easy to work with and could be cut to size if needed. As they're not glass my baby can't break it and hurt himself.

These are similar to what I bought

Mirror. With the remaining mirror tiles I made a mirror for my baby to look at himself in. I stuck the mirror tiles to a sheet of cardboard from a box that is no longer needed. And again to finish it off I stuck the silver glitter adhesive cover to the back. I then cut the cardboard to the size of the mirrors. As you can see from the photos my boy had great fun looking at himself.

Emergency Foil Blanket. One of the things my boy loved playing with in the play group was the emergency blanket. It's shiny and makes noise. So it's a winner as far as he's concerned.

I bought one from Amazon and as it's so big I've cut it into 4 sections. Once one section is past it's best we'll still have 3 more sections to play with.

There are so many ideas, the keys is to find items that stimulate your babies senses and they don't need to be expensive.


  1. So much fun and I love the photos. He is gorgeous!! (As if you need me to tell you that ha ha)

  2. He's going to grow up knowing how to pose for the camera, as I'm sure your boys have too :)


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