Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Documenting Babies Growth With Fun Monthly Photos

My baby is 6 months old now and each month I've been taking a photo of him to document his growth. It's crazy how quick those months have gone, but having these photos reminds me of all the stages he's gone through. I have of course taken lots of other photos in between, but by me taking a photo in the same location at the same time each month I can see how much he is developing and growing.

As you can see in the below photos I've photographed my boy on the same chair each month. This is the chair in his nursery. I've added the same blanket and cushion, as well as a teddy. I also have his name train on the window ledge behind the chair. The items I've used have also been gifts given to us. The name train is from his aunt and uncle (my sister), the blanket from my friends at work, the teddy from his Nana and Grandad on his dads side and the cushion made my his other aunt (my sister). I've placed a chalk board balanced on the teddy so I could write the month on. I've added the writing on the chalk board when editing the photo on my laptop. I didn't trust myself to do the writing neat enough and I'd need a really good chalk pen in order for the writing to show up well. I downloaded free fonts from the internet that looked like chalk effects.

I decided to dress him in a baby grow onesie each month to keep his clothing simple. After I'd taken the first photo I thought I could have taken the photo in just his nappy to make it even simpler, therefore concentrating on his growth and not his outfit. But I'd already taken the photo and didn't want to disturb him again and I'm happy how it looks in the onesie.

I'll keep taking these photos till he's at least 12 months old, but I wanted to share with you before then. Isn't he such a cutie. I just love how these photos show him developing from laying down asleep, through to today where he's almost sitting up unaided.


  1. I was saying to Carolyn that it'd be lovely if you kept going till he starts school. I can imagine that would get a bit difficult but it would be so much fun to see them in a flicker book style. You are so clever I really thought you'd written the dates on the board yourself.

    1. Yeah I think I'd like to keep taking the photos till he's older, but I don't think I could keep up the monthly photos. Maybe every 6 months?

  2. How sweet if you did yearly photos on his birthday!

    1. Yes, it's so nice to keep a photographic memory. I love your yearly family photos and seeing your family grow :)


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