Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Father's Day Shelf

This is my Father's Day shelf and as it's my husband Keith's first Fathers Day I wanted to do something special for him. This is an idea I got from Jen at a Thousand Words. You take one small shelf in your home and decorate it according to the season or holiday. It's such a sweet idea. I thought what better time to start than Father's Day.

Here is a full view of the shelf. It has a quote, photos of both Keith and I with our Dad's, a photo of Keith with our boy Tommy when he was a few weeks old. A key ring and "We Love Daddy" using scrabble tiles.

The quote says "SOME Super Heroes Don't have CAPES... They are called DAD"

Photo of Keith and Tommy

A keyring that I gave to Keith shortly after Tommy was born. On the back is the date he was born and says "The day you became my Daddy". The front says "Forget sleep! We have more fun when we're awake - Love Tommy"

Top row: Keith with his Dad at our wedding, Keith and I with his Mum and Dad, Keith and his brother with their Dad when they were younger.
Bottom row: Me with my Dad when I was around 21, me with my Dad as a baby, me with my Dad as a toddler.


  1. SO cute, I love it!! I'm so excited to see all of your different shelf displays. It makes me so happy that I inspired you to do this, as it is so much fun!

    1. I will have to get my thinking head on now, Fathers Day was a relatively easy one to do.


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