Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Halloween Fun

I've never really done much for Halloween, apart from a couple of times decorating the house for my nieces to come over and last year I turned my pregnant belly into a pumpkin. But now I have a family of my own I thought it might be nice to start some family traditions around Halloween. As one of my 40 things to do before I'm 40 list is to create some family traditions I wanted to blog and vlog about what we got up to. There are a few decorations in the home, we went to a trunk and treat and went pumpkin picking.

Here are some photos from our Halloween weekend. If you'd like to see the vlog from our Halloween weekend of fun, click this link:

Autumn display at home. Made up of a table cloth from the Halloween range at Poundland, a board I already owned, pine cones from a park and a candle from B & M Bargains.

Home made sugar cookies using Pampered Chef cookie cutters. So quick and easy to make and the cookies really did keep their shape well. Here is the recipe

Home made pumpkin cup cakes. These were so yummy and easy to make. I added a little cinnamon to the frosting. Here is the recipe

Nails done ready for Halloween. These are Dem Bones and I love them.

Our home made DIY Halloween outfits. Sorry these photos aren't great, I went out without our camera so had to make do with my phone.

Tommy with his cousin Felix.

These next photos were taken at Farmer Copleys Farm in Pontefract. We had such a lovely day together. Keith (my husband), Tommy (our little boy) and I went, we also met up with my sister Ruth and her family and my brother Daniel. We took some cute photos of the boys with the pumpkins and picked up a couple of pumpkins to bring home.

Here is the carved pumpkin!! We left the 2nd pumpkin un-carved and plan to use it in cooking and baking.

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  1. What stunning photos!! The first one of Tommy should be framed.


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