Tuesday 28 February 2017

Make Your Bedroom Like A Mini Hotel Room!

As much as we would like to go on holiday every year, it can be hard with rising prices. And the costs of houses and cars can make it impossible. But as well as holidays being good for relaxing, we often get the best night’s kip while we are away. After all, the bedroom tends to be a cozy haven where we can get at least eight hours sleep. However, even if you can’t go away on holiday this year, you can bring some of that hotel room glory to your own bedroom. In fact, here are some ways you can make your bedroom like a mini hotel room.

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Look into getting dimmer lights

One of the best things about the bedroom in your hotel is the lights. After all, they all tend to have dimmers in the room which means you can lower the lights while you are resting in bed. And it can make you feel more sleepy, so you are likely to fall into a deep slumber when you do finally rest your head. Therefore, you should consider implementing these dimmer lights in your bedroom at home. You can easily contact an electrician who will be able to come and set up the system in your room. And if you opt for some modern dimmers, they might be able to connect it with your phone. Therefore, you will be able to adjust the lighting from the comfort of your own bed! And to top it all off, if you go for eco-friendly LED dimmers, you will save a ton of cash on your electricity bill in the long-run too.

Go for better quality bedding

Another thing I love about hotel bedrooms is the comfortable bedding. After all, when you pull the sheets around you in a 4*, you know you are going to get a wonderful night’s sleep. But rather than just having this feeling at a hotel, you can have it in your own bedroom too. You should opt to get better quality bedding which will feel like heaven to your body. There are a lot of brands who do hotel quality bed linens which will be perfect for your bedroom. You can get the Egyptian cotton sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover in the highest thread count possible. And then you should notice a big difference in your sleeping pattern if you go for a high-quality range of bed linen.

Opt for extras like a mattress topper and a throw

If you look at your bed currently, you are likely to just have your duvet and a couple of pillows. But if you want to add a touch of luxury hotel room to your own bedroom, you should go for a couple of extras for your bed to help you have a brilliant night’s sleep. For starters, you might want to add a mattress topper to your bed. It will lift the bed and help you to stay comfortable during the night. In fact, any mornings waking up with a bad back with be a distant memory. And go for a luxury throw that you can pull around you during cold nights!

And hopefully, once you are getting more sleep in your mini hotel room, you will start the day happier!

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