Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Large Garden Renovation & Plans

The evenings are beginning to get lighter and I'm seeing the first signs of spring flowers. If we want to start growing our own veges this year we really need to get a move on and get our garden sorted. We do have our work cut out though as the only flat area of the garden is water logged and the rest needs to have proper terrace areas set out and to be flattered so we can actually put some raised beds in.

We have no budget for doing any of this, so it will have to be paid for with little bits of money we can save and by sourcing free products. We have plans for a decked area, play area for Tommy, raised beds for growing fruit and veg and a summer house. We of course won't be able to do all of this straight away, but hopefully we can work towards our final dream.

Here is a drawing of how big our garden is compared the the house. The garden is everything that doesn't say House or Garage. It's a large space to fill and what makes it harder is it's on a hill. We began making a bit of progress this weekend and when I say we, I mean Keith 😂. I will help more out there when it's warmer. Plus one of us needs to be on Tommy duty 😉

This photo was taken last year, but it hasn't changed all that much since then. It just gives a better view of the top part of the garden from the upstairs of the house.

Here is how the garden was looking this weekend. I'm hoping by showing these photos it will encourage me to motivate both Keith and I to get something positive done with the garden.

Pinterest is a wonderful thing, but it can be a minefield and make you want everything!!! Here are just some of the ideas we have for our garden.

Some ideas I have for Tommy's garden -

See the garden tour here:

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