Saturday, 4 March 2017

Protecting Your Kids From Hidden Dangers

A Mummy's job is to provide and protect, and there are plenty of things that we go out of our way to shield our kids from. Such as unhealthy food, running onto a busy road, and dangers like sharp objects. But there are some things that are less obvious than these, but can still be dangerous to our little ones. That is why it is essential to identify any hidden dangers in the home and deal with them before they become a problem.

Water hazards

Now, one of the biggest hidden hazards in the home or garden tends to be water. As adults, we think of a bath or a pond as a very small body of water that pose no risk to us. But of course, this is not the case for children. In fact, accidents can happen even in the smallest amounts of water, so is very crucial that you are aware of this and take measure to avoid any problems.


That means always supervising your child where they are near water, never leaving them alone when bathing or swimming, in case they get into difficulty. Also, it's vital to remember that if they are playing in the water outside they will need sun protection too, and you will need to reapply it after each period in the water.

Hazards in the atmosphere

There are quite a few things that can get into the atmosphere in your home that are dangerous to the health of your little one.  From very common items like pet hair and dust to much more serious thing such as asbestos.

Of course, the things that they breathe in has the potential to do harm very quickly as the body has little defence against it. This is especially true in the case of infants. That is why it's vital to take all the steps necessary to prevent there being anything polluting the air of your home, to begin with.

One of the most vital things you need to do this is to ensure that you consult with asbestos surveyors before you do any renovation or work on your home. Then you can be sure that none of this dangerous fibre is hidden in its structure.

You can also deal with the less serious issues by using HEPA filters and air purifiers to remove the irritant particles like cat hair and dust, making the air a lot more clean.

Climbing hazards

Now, a lot of folks forget that things like shelves and stairs can pose a big risk to your little one in terms of a climbing hazard. It's easy to forget that when they are small, that they will grow quickly and start to explore their environment.

But it is important to prepare for this eventually. As nearly all kids go through a stage when they learn that they can pull their own weight up and keep going until they are quite the way off the ground!  Of course, this is not very safe at all, and if you combine it with the possibility of a heavy item like cupboards falling onto your little one. You can see why some nasty injuries occur.

So always keep them under supervision during this stage, or in a walker or plan pen. As well as making sure all cabinets and the like are bolted to the wall.

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