Friday, 30 June 2017

3 Reasons Your Floors Are More Important Than You Think

Firstly, let’s acknowledge a very simple truth: flooring isn’t that interesting.

Sure, it’s interesting enough when you’re in the process of choosing a new floor to be installed. It’s quite fun to look through the different swatches and compare the different finishes, envisioning the way the room is going to change as you do so. After that, however, flooring returns to its default state. Boring.

Perhaps it shouldn’t just be boring though. Your floor isn’t just the bit that goes at the bottom of a room, and paying more attention to it could bring benefits to your whole family. Not convinced? Let’s look over some of the ways that your floor can influence your life, and how you can get the most out of it.

Floors + Heat

In the summer, you probably don’t think much about your floor. As you step out of bed, you don’t notice it much.

In winter, however? Oh, now that’s a very different story. You swing your legs out of bed, touch them to the floor and immediately yip back. The floor is cold; a cold that can seep through your slippers and still make you shiver. Then you have to go and repeat the process when you get out of the shower; stepping from the warm steamed heat onto the cold, unforgiving tiles.

If you’re fed up of dealing with winter flooring woes, then remember that carpet is always going to be warmer than wood or laminate floors. As for the bathroom and kitchen tiles; if you’re willing to enlist the help of a plumbing company then you could have underfloor heating installed to make those cold mornings a little more pleasant.

Floors + Children

If you think about it, our children spend a surprisingly large amount of their lives in close proximity to the floor. It begins when they learn to crawl, and will remain as they take their first tentative steps on their own two feet.

Everything is bigger for them, too. An errant piece of wire won’t bother an adult foot much, but could pose a real pain threat for children. That’s why when you have young kids, it’s advisable to opt for floors that allow you to see everything that lands on them. You want to be able to see hazards, rather than them being small enough to fall down into the carpet pile or blend with the floorboards.

Also keep in mind that floors should be as smooth as possible; no lumps and bumps is preferable for tottering children just learning to walk.

Floors + Cleaning

Cleaning a floor is a terrible business. It’s the one area that, almost as soon as it’s been completed, it needs doing all over again.

If you struggle with this problem, then the best thing to do is find a method that works for you and stick to it rigorously. The more you allow yourself to be persuaded to try new innovations and shiny new gadgets, the bigger waste of time. Keep it simple: a handheld brush and a steam cleaner is all you need to keep 99.9% of floors looking great for as long as possible.

So floors might be boring, but they impact many things in life: our children’s health, the way we feel during different seasons, and even the length of time it takes to clean our house thoroughly. They’ll never be fascinating as such, but they probably do deserve a little more consideration than you have been affording them thus far.

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