Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Most Insane Things People Forget the Most When Moving House

When we move into a brand new home, there are a lot of feelings involved. The excitement is overwhelming but so is the worry and the stress. It is so possible to get completely caught up in the process that you forget certain things you need to be doing for your house. You have so much on your mind that it is very easily done. Here is a list of the things you definitely should not forget when you are making your new house, your home.

1) Packing a “needed straight away” box
When packing, it is so important to do it with three steps ahead in mind. You need to make sure that you are putting everything where you are going to need it. Labelling all your boxes thoroughly will help you in the long run. So will have a box that says “open first” on it. In this box, you will need everything that you’ll need to open the rest! This could mean keys, scissors, box openers, first aid kit as well as your essentials such as toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, everything you’d need if you were just going away for the night.

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2) Getting all your new keys: All of them!
When moving in, a lot of people will just assume that all the keys they will need will be handed straight to them before they go. However, it is imperative that you take your time to look around the house and make a note of every single thing that needs a key. Chances are the old owner won’t have them all, but if you know of all the keys, you will probably get more out of them than just a couple of front door keys (which, you should change the front door lock, straight away)!

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3) Get yourself a new alarm system
An alarm system is something you’ll want straight away in your new house and is not something that you should wait for or forget about! Getting a new secure alarm system should be one of the first things you do. Take the opportunity of moving as an opportunity to get the newest system, after all; you can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your house and your family.

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4) Protecting yourself from burglars
Aside from an alarm system, which is the most important part of protecting your home, there are a lot of other ways you should be protecting your home from burglars. An example of this would be to get to know your neighbours as soon as you can, they can tell you all about the street, and you’ll feel much better letting your children out if you know the people living around you!

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5) Don’t be a ghost when you move
Finally, you’ll want to let a lot of places know that you’ve moved house! This is such an important thing to do (there are fines involved if you don’t do some of them)! So make sure you take the time to sit down and let your post office know you’ve moved, let the DVLA know you’ve moved, let all your insurance companies know, tv, water, electricity, the list is pretty much endless! Just make sure you don’t forget about anyone!

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