Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Making Your Home Cosy And Rustic

Rustic homes are in right now; having an authentically rural interior in your house is very desirable and gives your home a fresh lease of life! However, it often comes at the cost of comfort. Things that are commonly seen in rustic houses are often hard materials that sacrifice comfort in order to achieve their look,  but it doesn’t have to be that way, and you’ll know why if you carry on reading.

Vinyl Flooring

An important part of achieving the rustic look is wood. Wood is the staple of rustic interior as it captures the rural attitude of your house, regardless of whether you live in a rural area or not! However, wooden floors can be very uncomfortable. They’re very hard, cold and hard to clean and maintain, all of which not all of us have time for because we all lead busy lives. The way around this is getting vinyl flooring. It looks exactly like wood but it’s cheaper and easier to clean and fit, making it a perfect alternative if you’ve not got the time for real wood! It’s also smoother which means that it’s much more comfortable to walk on so you don’t have to sacrifice any of the comfort in your house.

Wood Burners

Wood burners are coming back into fashion as well as the rustic theme, and getting one can make a great addition to your home! You can install them just as you would with a fireplace, but unlike a fireplace you can actually interact with it yourself! Wood burners allow you to put your own wood logs into them that you can get from companies like woodcall which means that you have control over the fire’s heat but also it’s size! This not only adds a rustic look to your house, but also a rustic experience as you’re putting the logs in and burning them yourself, an excellent addition to any household regardless of the styling!

Antique Furniture

This is the part where you can save a lot of money on a rustic renovation and at the same time make your house incredibly unique. Antique furniture makes up a rustic styled house, if you’ve got old wooden desks and mysterious sofas then you’re going to have a very hard to replicate house! Antiques are very hard to find replicas of, which will make your house look one of a kind because no one else is going to have what you do! The trick for this is knowing where to look. If you want something really expensive then head over to some specialist antique stores  if you’re wanting to get something truly special, but if you’re on a tight budget like most of us are then you can find some cheap hidden treasures on websites like eBay, you just have to look long enough and have the patience to find what you want!

Wooden Chopping Boards

Whilst this does sound slightly odd in comparison to the rest of the things mentioned here, they can actually have a profound effect on the way that your kitchen looks. Your kitchen is primarily used when you’re cooking, and when you do cooking you’re going to be using chopping boards! If these boards are bright and plastic, when you get them out they’re going to immediately negate any rustic effect you have in place in the room already, so to avoid this buy some wooden chopping boards so that when you get them out it doesn’t ruin the hard fought for aesthetic of your kitchen! They also last longer than plastic chopping boards as they wear less, and they are easier to use too, more reasons why you should invest in one! You will have to properly look after it though, so keep that in mind before you buy one.

Doing all of these things is guaranteed to make your home look more rustic without sacrificing the comfort. Getting vinyl flooring means that everything can look wooden but you’ll not have to worry about scuffing it and taking ages to clean it, it’ll be warm and smooth but still look like real wood! Getting some oddball antique furniture means that you can have a tight wallet and still get the furniture you want,  giving you a unique look, and investing in that wood burner means that your living room can stay warm wherever you want it to be without having to worry about the heating! Part of a rustic looking house is making the best use you can of nature, and whilst wood has been primarily covered here, stones can also be used too! Using them to their maximum extent can be hard, but if you read this it won’t be!

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